Monday, 13 August 2012

Selective blogwatching and lies about traditional vocation numbers: Michael Mullins strikes again!

The new Australian Nashville Dominican sisters, with Fr Albert OP
Source: Archdiocese of Sydney website
Cathblog's blog watcher column today comes with the headline "The truth about traditional vocation nuns' vocation numbers". 

It comes with a claim that traditional nuns and LCWR orders in the US are getting "nearly equal" numbers of vocations.  And naturally it is sourced from Mr Mullins' favourite rag, the Jesuit 'America' Magazine.

Yet if only Mr Mullins actually surveyed the blogs he would have known that America Magazine's claim have been comprehensively debunked on half a dozen blogs.

Such as this one.

In reality what the study cited shows is that around 14% of religious orders in terms of numbers of religious (viz those belonging to the more conservative peak body for women religious in the US) are attracting more than half of all of the vocations in the US!  The other half of the vocations, typically of a much older age group, are spread over the institutes containing 80% of the rapidly ageing population of religious women represented by the LCWR.

Yep, lies, damned lies and statistics.

Dominican Sisters

Meanwhile, three young Australian women made their profession on July 28 for the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia. They will be returning eventually to teach here.  And another four Australians entered the noviciate at Nashville.

I'm pretty sure that in combination with the Carmelite, Dominican and Franciscan professions that have occurred this year (not to mention the MGLs etc), the numbers committed themselves to more traditional forms of religious life in Australia easily outweighs the number (if any) committing themselves to the liberal orders here.

Please someone, sack Michael Mullins from Cath News.


A Canberra Observer said...

Perhaps it inidicates a certain desperation on the part of the progressive, yet rapidly ageing, congregations, including Fr Martin's.

Anonymous said...

I think Mullins and a couple of others own Cathnews. Well … in a sense.

Anonymous said...

The photo seems to be mis-labelled? That is not Bishop Piche but Fr Albert OP

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks for that correction anon - I took the name from the Sydney website, but I had been wondering why they hadn't put OP after the bishop's name given that he was wearing a habit!