Sunday, 5 August 2012

News briefs...

A few items of news to draw your attention to.

Petition for the pope to say the TLM

A reader asked me to draw your attention to a petition asking the Holy Father to say a Mass in the Extraordinary Form. If you want to sign, follow the link.

Come to Canberra for National Marriage Day (August 14)

Federal Parliament resumes shortly, and so the 'gay marriage' issue is likely to hot up again quickly.  In that light, another reader provided an alert to National Marriage Day, to be held on Tuesday 14 August 2012 with a rally on the lawns of Parliament House, Canberra, between 11am and 1pm.  There are buses and carpooling arrangements available from various cities...

Unusually, the Canberra-Goulburn diocesan newspaper, The Voice, is unusually good on this topic at least this month, with a surprisingly good editorial by Mgr Woods (Archdiocesan Administrator) quoting the excellent pastoral letter put out by Bishop Kennedy of Armidale, and including the four bishops letter from Sydney Archdiocese as a centrefold (hope they didn't have to pay to get it in!).

Ordinariate Ordinations

The Australian Ordinariate has been curiously slow to develop, but it is set to expand in size substantially shortly, with the ordination of four former Anglican priests (yes mainstream Anglican, not TAC) in Melbourne next month.  You can find bios of those concerned over at Joshua's place.  Please keep these men, and the congregations they are leading into the Church, in your prayers.

Vocations Awareness Week (August 5-12)

This is also Vocation Awareness Week, and someone suggested I should do a series on the orders that are doing relatively well in Australia, such as the Missionaries of God's Love, Conventual and Capuchin Franciscans, Sisters of St Paul Chartres, and Dominicans of St Cecilia.  I'm not sure  have time or enough information on these groups to do that at the moment, but I will try and highlight the week each day in some way.

In the meantime, please do pray for a revival of religious life in this country (and of course give serious attention to discerning your own vocation if you haven't already done so...).

Cath News must be reformed (or destroyed)!

And finally, just to note that the 253 people have noted in the poll for Cath News to be reformed or abolished.

A staggering 54 have indicated that they have had comments rejected, with more than half of those believing it was because they stated the actual Catholic teaching on a particular subject....

I'm tempted to leave it up forever, not least because it seems to mean that I no longer get misrepresented or jeered at by blogwatcher each Monday, but I probably won't, so if you haven't voted yet and want to please do so now!

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