Thursday, 23 August 2012

Listening to the laity? Maitland-Newcastle developments

I mentioned, a couple of weeks back, what appeared to be a classic case of liberal clericalism - a Tablet article on the use of overseas priests in Maitland-Newcastle diocese that appeared to be setting the scene for closing down the program by painting their use as a failure, despite high levels of lay support for overseas priests.

But it seems the diocese has taken due note, for Cath News today highlights a rather more positive spin on the report, with an article headlined 'overseas priests welcomed' presented in The Catholic Weekly.  And the story includes supportive quotes from diocesan officials.

I don't imagine this will get the international coverage the previous spin received, but good to see a more balanced presentation of the issues nonetheless.

Now if Bishop Wright would just allow the Extraordinary Form Mass (and other approved liturgical rites and uses aside from the novus ordo in English) to be said in his diocese...

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