Sunday, 16 September 2012

Comments reminder...**Updated

**This is an old post, but I'm pulling it back up front here since it seems to be a necessary reminder.

Let me put it bluntly.  If you threaten me, implicitly or explicitly, or toss in some irrelevant  issue or attack, I won't be publishing your comment.  My blog, my right.

But by all means feel free to email me offline if you wish to discuss the issue further.

What I will and won't publish

Here is the longer version.

In view of some of the comments I've received of late, I thought it might be a good idea to put up a little reminder of my policies on publication thereof.

First, I love getting comments.  It tells me that someone is reading and reacting (positively or otherwise).  It encourages me to continue posting (yes even the unpublishable ones, they are often entertaining even if outrageous).

So please do have your say.

But remember that this is my place! 

1.  I won't publish personal attacks (including, indeed especially, on me!) except in the most exceptional circumstances.  You can disagree with someone's ideas, words and actions, by all means (preferably politely, but there are times when righteous anger is warranted).  But try to differentiate between the sinner and the sin.

That said, there are exceptions that can be made where warranted.  For example when those advocating a particular sins or heresies, such as homosexuality, band together to achieve their aims.  I've received several comments in the past from those defending homosexual acts for example, and claiming that attacks on homosexual acts and criticism of the homosexualist lobby constitute vilification.  Sorry, but this is a Catholic blog.

Similarly, there are times when it is in the public interest that people be duly warned  where there is a problem or danger.

2.  Keep in mind that this is a blog written from a (traditional) catholic perspective.  I'm open to debate, in those areas the Church says are open to debate, but not to advocacy of heresy or sin.

3. Please give yourself a name.  I'd prefer it was your real name, but I will accept nom de plumes.  But your comment must include some form of identifier.  If you wish to correspond about comments offline however you will need to email me from an actual email account...

4. No trolling.  I'm up for genuine debate, open to genuinely asked questions.  I'm not going to provide space to those who disagree with absolutely everything I have to say here, however, and just want to argue for the sake of it. 

5. Finally, I reserve the right to accept or reject comments for other reasons, or to make exceptions to the rules set out above on a case by case basis.

Let the commenting resume...

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