Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cath News:open post

This is a place to make your views known on Cath News this week - feel free to draw attention to the worst stories or comments over there, but also any good particularly good ones.

Are they getting any better?  Do tell me what you think.

Rejected comments

And if you couldn't get your comment published over there, try here!

Just a warning though - if you do want to continue to comment over at Cath News, you might want to consider using a different moniker here for your criticisms, and perhaps summarise your rejected comment rather than put it up in full so as not to make it too easy for them over there to ban you.

Because Christine Hogan, the 'publisher' over there, has said previously that she will automatically reject anything/anyone coming from here.  Because yes, she really is that childish.

The Cath News subscriber survey

And if you are a subscriber to Cath News, do make sure you have your say in their latest survey.

Strange that they aren't surveying those who access their site via the twitter feed, the webpage or facebook, but presume they aren't doing it via the web this time because last time they got the wrong answers?


Antonia Romanesca said...

"Because Christine Hogan, the 'publisher' over there, has said previously that she will automatically reject anything/anyone coming from here. Because yes, she really is that childish."

I have heard it alleged on the theology wire, that this lady is not from orthodox Christian background [eg. Roman Catholic] but in the employ of the Jesuits Melbourne, for her editing and publication skills. Perhaps this is why she is disinclined to the more orthodox Catholic tinge? However for those accustomed to the Aussie free-speech milieu, well I just can't see them appreciating the type of censorship you relate, ie the CN readers essentially being treated with maximum disrespect. Evidently the readers are considered so intellectually immature, that what is placed before them has to be very carefully chosen indeed, lest they "stray from the true path" selected for them by certain political masters. Might CN be surprised by the hilarity with which their stance has been greeted... a stance reflecting the iron hard authoritarianism of the Gulag? If they were fair dinkum, they would publish all views. Perhaps something so intellectually sloppy, should simply be closed, in the service of good taste?

Kate Edwards said...

People have previously reported here that she is not a catholic - but she recently wrote a post telling the story of her Catholic mother's encounter with Archbishop Sheen.

Now the two pieces of information are not necessarily inconsistent - but the post was certainly intended to suggest something different.

Of course, your point about the commissars for political correctness and the liberal view of the world remains intact.

And in the context of the persistence of the UK Tablet in the face of a similarly acatholic approach, have a read of the excellent post speculating on the reasons for its continuing attacks on the Holy Father and Vatican, and indeed orthodoxy in general, over at Mulier Fortis:

It is ultimately the bishops who have to take responsiblity for the peristence of dissent and bad behaviour in organisations claiming the protection of the Church.

Of course, that requires that they actually support orthodoxy and the Tradition themselves...

Nina Blondel said...

Maybe Philip Adams should work for Cath News. There he was today praising nuns as the only lefties left in Australia. Now who was it who said 'woe to thee when the world speaketh well of thee?'