Monday, 27 August 2012

Australia's former nuncio not exactly being welcomed in Israel...

You may have read the news recently that Australia's papal nuncio, Archbishop Guiseppi Lazzarotti, has been appointed Ambassador to the Holy Land.

No bad thing from an Australian point of view, given the mixed bag of episcopal appointments that have occurred over the last few years.  And then there is the seeming inability of the Australian Church to reform itself on the handling of abuse cases and thus the seemingly almost inevitably Royal Commission, and the less than adept handling of issues such as assorted episcopal resignations and depositions.

Yet it seems the Archbishop's appointment is not exactly being welcomed in Israel, mainly because of his association with the mishandling of the Irish abuse crisis.  The UK Catholic Herald today provides a link to an Israeli newspaper piece describing the appointment as 'an embarassment and humiliation' to Israel.

Oh dear.

PS Readers might also find the Catholic Herald's take on how the abuse scandal is playing out here of interest.


N. Whitmont said...

If (as is maintained at the conclusion of the article by Britain's Catholic Herald) Australia's allegedly Catholic schools constitute a "positive trend", then all I can say is, I hope I never have to witness a "negative trend".

PM said...

Whatever one thinks of his nominations, I hope Archbishop Lazarotto's move doesn't further delay the episcopal appointments that are now pending. A little encouragement to burn the midnight oil before he goes?

Kate Edwards said...

PM - I believe he has already technically vacated the position, so I guess no more appointments until we get a replacement?