Friday, 10 August 2012

All men are rapists...I mean paedophiles!

So here is a story from today's Sydney Morning Herald that might give some comfort to priests who feel they've all been tared with the same brush as a tiny paedophile minority.

It seems that Virgin Airlines has a policy that men may not be seated next to unaccompanied children on their flights because they might be paedophiles!

The policy is mostly invisible, because it is managed by computer seat allocations systems - but it has come to light because a man complained after being asked to move on a flight in a way that implied he personally posed a risk to two children.

Is this political correctness taken to an extreme? 

Or rather a sad commentary on the state of our society that the airline feels it necessary to take such a precautionary measure?


Jack Dwyer said...

You know, I hate to admit it, but I have to agree with their caution; they're preventing a possible lawsuit, for starters.

By the same logic, though, men shouldn't be allowed to sit next to women, either (unless they're married to each other, and maybe not even then!). Or other men... Or machines. Or anything...

Bugger it, fit single cell cubicles in planes and shove us men into them...!

I have to fly to Melbourne towards the end of September. Think I'll get to sit on a wing?!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the policy ( which most airlines have) is less about threats from pedophiles and more about the fact that women are better at dealing with unaccompanied children then men - yes, that's a generalisation but it's a generalisation that holds true more often than not. Our society however is very uncomfortable with the notion that some things are better dealt with by one sex.

Chris R

Micha Elyi said...

Is this political correctness taken to an extreme?

Yes. Man-hating is an integral part of today's political correctness.

And it's a sad commentary on the state of today's society that there is an airline named "Virgin".