Tuesday, 10 July 2012

St Benedict, pray for Toowoomba!

July 11 is the feast of St Benedict in the Ordinary Form as well as the Benedictine 1962 calendar, and is a first class feast in many places by virtue of his being appointed patron of Europe by Pope Paul VI (though subsequently downgraded to co-patron by Pope John Paul II).

His is an important feast, for his disciples founded fortresses of the faith across Europe that helped preserve civilization in the face of the collapse of many of the other institutions of late antiquity.  

In our own time, when the West seems once more to be crumbling, we would do well to recall his uncompromising stances and utter dedication to making the worship of God the central part of a community's life.

But on this particular feast day, please keep especially in your prayers the bishop-elect of Toowoomba, the Most Reverend Robert McGuckin, who is to be ordained (consecrated) at 11am on the 11th.  The principal consecrator is to be Archbishop Mark Benedict Coleridge.  You can watch it live from the diocesan website...

But above all, please pray, for Msgr McGurkin has surely taken on one of the toughest episcopal jobs going anywhere in the world, and will surely need all the help he can get.

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Stephen said...

You got that right Kate - Mons McGuckin will be Australia's second saint after his stint here in Toowoomba. God bless him and may the Lord protect him.