Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ordination of Bishop McGuckin of Toowoomba

Source: Toowoomba's The Chronicle
I didn't watch the ceremony conducted yesterday, but a reader has pointed me to the report and many photos from it over at Toowoomba's The Chronicle.

On the face of it, it looks and sounds like it was a nice enough ceremony, with a few Latin hymns scattered through, as well as some old stalwarts.

One rather curious feature of the ceremony was the lei worn by the bishop, presented to him by the Archdiocese of Suva which he has some previous attachment to.  I'm guessing Toowoomba does have a significant South  Seas Islander population?

But in any case, the ceremonies also one that made a few politically expedient gestures, both in terms of hymn selection and the involvement of Bishop Morris, who was somehow induced to do a formal handing over of the bishop's crozier.

The local newspaper has a poll on the page of the story, and at the moment two-thirds of those who have voted think that the ceremony will heal the wounds.  Let's hope so. 

More importantly, let's hope that the new bishop can and will work to restore actual Catholicism there.  Keep him in your prayers.

Bishop McGuckin
Source: The Chronicle


A Canberra Observer said...

The flowers look ridiculous.
There are some but not many Pacific Islanders in Toowoomba - this would be more apposite in Brisbane.
I was there last weekend and Bp Morris was remembered in the Canon (probably an abuse).

As you can see, the Cathedral has survived the worst of the wreckovations.

A Canberra Observer said...

a p.s.

You will note in the photos a deacon - he is from the Toowoomba diocese and assisted at mass the previous Sunday and obvioulsy has some litirugical sensisibilities - keeping his hands joined throughout ...

Van Knackular said...

Whats with the flowers?
If there are cultural influences then they can be expressed at the cuppa afterwards.
Rubbish and nothing has changed, at least Morris was honest.

Kate Edwards said...

I think you are all being a little harsh.

A lei is a symbol of respect and affection often used in ceremonies in polynesian culture and in this case a thank you for his service in Fiji.

While I'm not in favour of such gestures to 'inculturation' or whatever, it is still a very long way indeed from Bishop Morris' clown masses and the like.

Keep in mind Fr Frank Brennan's description of the last one for the diocese, viz:

"His [Bishop Morris'] episcopal ordination was a wonderful occasion, even though after it when I praised the liturgy, one of the visiting bishops said, "Actually I prefer the Roman rite."