Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Now if we were Muslims!

A reader has commented on a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald that concludes:

"Anyone who is associated with the Catholic Church in any way, shape or form is just as guilty for supporting such an organisation. You cannot purport to be a Catholic and ignore these situations. You are just as guilty for keeping this organisation afloat."

Right.  And who should we hold accountable for all the other cases of sexual crimes and worse covered up in Australia (think, for example, of The Family in South Australia)?  Logically we must all disassociate ourselves from the country!

More importantly, if the issue had been about Islam would the SMH have published it?  I think not.

The double standard...

In fact I'll bet that they have received similar letters in response to the recent case in Afghanistan of a women tried and executed within an hour for alleged adultery.  Seen any actually published?

Indeed if someone had managed to get such sentiments into the public arena, we would no doubt now be hearing calls for the 'racism' involved to be referred to some appropriate Government body for investigation.

No surprise that the SMH would publish it though - after all they also published a pre-emptive, unsolicited and completely unwarranted attack on the Nuncio for claiming diplomatic immunity in a civil suit against the Vatican in Ireland.

Getting in front

Nonetheless, that such sentiments can get into a 'mainstream' publication in this day and age does suggest the size of the PR problem the Church faces.  And the need to be seen to be acting...


PM said...

We have had several prominent sports coaches, state school teachers and, in the US, a leading university sports coach convicted in recent years. Will the political correctoids from Fairfax and the ABC now crusade for the abolition of sports, state schools and universities?

And will the Catholic fifth column such as the egregious Sr Farley stop bending the knee to the so-called wordly wisdom of Freud, Kinsey and Carl Rogers?

A Canberra Observer said...

Well maybe the Fairfax nosedive will have some beneficial effects.
The SMH is shamelessly anti-christian.