Thursday, 12 July 2012

Misusing our aid expenditure: Australia to boost 'family planning'

There is a story in today's Sydney Morning Herald that states that Australian overseas aid for 'family planning services' will increase to the tune of more than $50m a year by 2016.

So I trust our bishops will come out strongly and condemn this misuse of funds that could do so much good.

Unlike the US however...

I am not, however, holding my breath!

Remember a few months back when Catholic aid agency Caritas and the local hierarchy had ex-Prime Minister K Rudd launch the annual Lenten appeal?

Here is another reminder of just how inappropriate that was.

Under former Prime Minister John Howard, Australia's overseas aid program didn't go to any organisation that supported abortion.

The Rudd Government changed that, and Australia now contributes some $26m a year for 'family planning' as part of its aid budget.

Meanwhile in China....

You would think the constant stream of stories about the horrors of China's forced abortion policy, not to mention the old fashioned cultural imperialism involved, would make people think twice about this kind of program.

Worse, the story quotes the Chief Executive of CARE Australia actually advocating that money be switched out of child immunisation and maternal health programs in order to promote the Western ideal of small families.

What a sorry situation.

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