Tuesday, 5 June 2012

So the Vatican rules a book is not Catholic. But the Magisterium of Cath News decrees otherwise!

Last week I briefly thought Cath News might be paying a bit more attention to being actually Catholic.

Sadly, it didn't last.

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And today's reactions to a Vatican ruling that a Mercy Sister's book does not represent the teaching of the Church on sexuality is a classic example of that!

Apparently we are not allowed, over there, to criticize religious women such as Sr Margaret Farley who don't wear habits and preach heresy, yet claim the title 'sister' by virtue of public vows of obedience accepted by the Church!

The fundamental question we all have to ask ourselves is this: do we belong to the Catholic Church or not?

If we do, we have to accept the judgments of those properly charged with making them.

We can't, as some commenters over there seem to think, just ditch two thousand (plus) years of Tradition because they seem to run counter to the latest fads in psychology!

Or dismiss, as another commenter does in relation to the LCWR, such teachings as 'pious platitudes' at odds with the 'real world'!

More importantly, once Rome has ruled, this isn't something that should be debated by Catholics, at least not by those who are not theologians.

Presenting the Church's teaching not judging it!

Comments on the post aside, just why did Cath News feel the need to use the NCR version of the story?

Presumably so it could get in that mention of 'award winning book' (well yes, the secularists would like it wouldn't they!), and avoiding having to mention all the chances the sister was given to explain her position, that are set out in the Vatican statement on the subject.

Do vote in the Cath News must be destroyed/reformed/prayed for poll to the right!  And say a rosary for their conversion over there....


A Canberra Observer said...

having read some of what is in that book surely no Catholic can hold that its contents are Catholic?

This must be the land of Lewis Carroll that these people live in.

Although very unfashionable, the term I would use to describe sister's work is 'degenerate'

Martin S. said...
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