Thursday, 7 June 2012

Good bye Bishop Power!

Not exactly breaking news since Bishop Patrick Power has been trumpeting his impending retirement for months, and having a long run of farewells in the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese, where has been Auxiliary since 1986.

But it is now official - his Holiness has accepted Bishop Power's (aged 70) resignation under Canon 401#2 of the Code of Canon Law, viz, a bishop who

"because of illness or some other grave reason, has become unsuited for the fulfilment of his office, is earnestly requested to offer his resignation from office."

Unwillingness to uphold the teachings of the Church (such as on the ordination of women) is indeed a grave reason, and Bishop Power is to be commended for his integrity in accepting this (though conversion and obedience would obviously be better!).

I'd also note that despite his erroneous views on a range of subjects in recent years, he is a genuine liberal (as opposed to those who claim to be progressive but actually reject all diversity), even having said the Traditional Latin Mass for the community here in years gone by.

Please keep him in your prayers.


PM said...

From what I hear, even people who roll their eyes at some of his opinions respect him as a generous-hearted pastor. Someone I know who has had a bit to do with him says that if your teenage son committed suicide, or you suddenly learned that you had six weeks to live, you couldn't think of anyone better to have around.

Father K said...

That's right - he is a true liberal and more generous towards attendees of the Ef than many a so-called 'conservative' bishop! Happy retirement Pat.

Anonymous said...

"true liberal'! What does it mean?

Anonymous said...

Bishop Pat Power is all care and no responsibility! This is my conclusion after working closely with him for many years in the Archdiocese. Things are not always what they seem people!

Anonymous said...

So its finally now public and no longer Canberra's best kept secret! Pat Power lives with his long term partner Geraldine. Not quite sure how Celibacy and having an exclusive relationship with one person can be compatible? What impact must have this situation had on all the clergy of the Archdiocese over this past 12 years? No doubt he has paved the way for many of them to also accommodate very fluid interpretations of Celibacy. From my experience this is the situation, including amongst other very senior Clergy. The Clergy of Canberra and Goulburn desperately prayers and leadership !!