Thursday, 21 June 2012

Everyone is welcome in the Church - except ex-Anglicans and the SSPX!

One of the more breathtaking aspects of the hypocrisy of the progressives is their attitude to inclusiveness.

You are not welcome...

Everyone, they argue, is to be welcomed into the Church. 

Everyone, that is, except those they don't like, such as the SSPX or former Anglicans (I'd provide a link to the Cath News story on the official erection of the Ordinariate of the Southern Cross - except that they didn't actually cover it!).

The words in the photo above are Pope Benedict's, spoken during a trip to Lourdes in 2008, insisting that those who prefer the Extraordinary Form have a place in the Church.

The photo is from its misappropriation by the now ex-Catholic South Brisbane 'in exile' congregation.

Heretics and disgruntled Anglicans?!

Yet over at Cath News the relentless promotion of 'inclusiveness', and rejection of the need for actual repentance, apparently finds its limits with those who actually sign up to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as the recently admitted members of the Ordinariate did.

Consider this charming comment from 'Pauline':

"I often wonder if the Church is heading in right direction in accepting back a group of heretics [the heresy of rejecting the Spirit of Vatican IIism I presume?!   Because no, Pauline, whatever one might accuse the SSPX of (and schismatic tendencies springs to mind), they are not, in general, actually heretics, unlike so many over at Cath News!  Oh and as an aside, whatever happened to Cath News' policy of rejecting comments attacking others and using the h word!  Or is that yet another suitably selective policy...]  and also discontented Anglicans.

I love the Catholic Church and believe that the greatest scandal in Christianity is that we are divided and I look forward to the time when we can worship together in truth.[So what then could possibly be your objection to the Ordinariate and proposed Personal Prelature for the SSPX?]

Accepting a large group of disgruntled Anglicans and former Catholics is not true ecumenism. [Oh really?!  Even when they are 'disgruntled' because their former denomination has sold out to the secularists and rejected centuries of tradition?  But I presume Pauline would only deem it to be true ecumenism if one adopts the progressive agenda promoting the ordination of women and homosexualism!]

Surely if we need to increase our numbers so badly we could do more to try to win back those who feel alienated from our parish communities, often from some misunderstanding that can be remedied.[Well I for one feel alienated from my parish community Pauline.  That is because of the heresy regularly spouted in the sermons, the crap liturgy, and the kind of fake inclusiveness that you seem to be advocating.  But I'm guessing you've decided that those worthy of being won back are not people like me, but rather those who refuse to accept the injunction to 'go and sin no more'...]

What is wrong with Trent?!

Similarly, the ever charming Mr Timbs attacks the SSPX over there.

He points to their alleged rejection of modernity.  Last I heard that wasn't actually a crime David.  In fact the Church permits a variety of philosophical positions.

He claims they suffer from 'institutional ossification'.  Actually they seem a fairly dynamic organisation, with an ever burgeoning number of priests, affiliated religious orders, lay associations and more.

Their final crime is apparently being 'hard-wired' to the Council of Trent.  Last I heard, the Council of Trent was still accepted as one of the Council's of the Church, meaning we do actually still have to accept the doctrines it defined!

Genuine hospitality and welcoming

Someone suggested in a comment to me recently that I had lost a proper sense of Benedictine balance. 

I'd strongly recommend a read of the actual Life of St Benedict and his actual Rule, not the soft soap versions of it too often served up these days.

Because St Benedict does indeed provide us with a strong guide to how we should react to heresy and disobedience, and it is not with acceptance, but rather with concern for the souls of all concerned.  He did not preach a fake inclusiveness that tolerates or even lauds sin and the advocates heresy.

When he arrived at Monte Cassino and was confronted by pagan worship there, St Gregory the Great tells us that he did not preach tolerance, but rather destroyed their false idols:

"In this place there was an ancient chapel in which the foolish and simple country people, according to the custom of the old gentiles, worshipped the god Apollo. Round about it likewise on all sides, there were woods for the service of the devils, in which even to that very time, the mad multitude of infidels offered most wicked sacrifice. The man of God coming there, beat the idol into pieces, overthrew the altar, set fire to the woods, and in the temple of Apollo, he built the oratory of St. Martin, and where the altar of the same Apollo was, he made an oratory of St. John.  By his continual preaching, he brought the people dwelling in those parts to embrace the faith of Christ."

When welcoming visitors to the monastery, St Benedict insisted that all pray together in the chapel before the kiss of peace is exchanged, lest the devil be admitted to the community in disguise.

If a monk will not reform after repeated corrections, he is to be expelled from the community lest he contaminate the whole flock.

When faced with some early dissenting nuns, forerunners of the LCWR, he excommunicated them!

Clearing out the filth in the Church

If we want to get to heaven, we should cultivate a proper horror of sin, including the sin of heresy.

If we want the Church in Australia and the West to be a more effective aid to our salvation, we must clear out filth from the Church, immorality of all kinds, as the Pope once again acknowledged at the Irish Eucharistic Congress:

"Thankfulness and joy at such a great history of faith and love have recently been shaken in an appalling way by the revelation of sins committed by priests and consecrated persons against people entrusted to their care. Instead of showing them the path towards Christ, towards God, instead of bearing witness to His goodness, they abused people and undermined the credibility of the Church’s message. How are we to explain the fact that people who regularly received the Lord’s body and confessed their sins in the Sacrament of Penance have offended in this way? It remains a mystery. Yet evidently, their Christianity was no longer nourished by joyful encounter with Jesus Christ: it had become merely a matter of habit."

The filth in the Church, the filth amongst the clergy, is not, alas just an issue of child abuse.  It is not just about the problem of fornicating priests.  It is not just an issue of the public advocacy of heresy.  But it certainly includes all these things.

Nor is it a problem entirely confined to the progressives, for the problem surely includes those traditionalist priests who undermine the faith of the laity in the sacraments by sharing their schismatic sentiments in their sermons.

The problem includes those traditionalist priests who feel the need to indulge their narcissistic love of power by doing their best to threaten, interfere and stymie the good enterprises of others (and I'd ask you to keep especially in your prayers someone particularly affected this week by yet another instance of what appears on the face of it to be purely malicious, unwarranted interference in the affairs of others on the part of a serial offender).

Adherence to truth, the Pope insists, is the real key to faith:

"May he who breathed on the Apostles at Easter, communicating his Spirit to them, likewise bestow upon us his breath, the power of the Holy Spirit, and so help us to become true witnesses to his love, witnesses to the truth. His truth is love. Christ’s love is truth."

Time to act
This is a time for outrage and action, not false tolerance. 
This is a time for genuine inclusiveness, acknowledgement of the communion of all who truly believe - which does not include those separated from 'full communion' with the Church through the sin of heresy, even if they occasionally manage to roll up to their local parish, or grace the pages of cath news on a regular basis.
So if you haven't voted in the poll on Cath News (top right hand corner of the blog) yet, please do!
As at this Thursday morning, 182 people have registered their protest to our bishops at their continued sponsorship of this organ of dissent, and called for it to be either reformed or suppressed. 
Take note,  all who will be held accountable for the subversion of the faith in this country, for the failure to teach. 
For if the reckoning does not come here, it will in the hereafter...


David Busher said...

CathNews did cover the Ordinariate ordination, though not in any real detail I would have expected from the largest Catholic news site in Australia... The Archdiocese of Perth website had a bigger, better article which included Archbishop Costelloe's homily for the evening. (Which is worth commenting on itself!)

Cathnews Article:

Perth Diocese Article:

Kate Edwards said...

That was before the event though, rather than a report on it.

Nina blondel said...

Without all the fantastic websites of true Christians worldwide, I would know nothing about what is going on in all the churches, not just the Catholic.No wonder newspapers aren't selling - they refuse to report on religious matters, unless there's a juicy sex scandal or a laodicean, heretical priest.It's precisely the thought of all those devout Anglicans joining our church that is so thrilling - as an ex-Anglican myself I am dismayed at how my old church has been mortally destroyed by trendies.

Dismas said...

I'd love to join your cause, but myself being a miserable sinner, desperately and continuously in need of and dependent on God's grace and mercy, I'm afraid I find myself excluded.

Someday, I hope to be worthy of inclusion in your Church. Until then, it's my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault.

Kate Edwards said...

You appear to have completely misunderstood what I'm saying Dismas.

We are all sinners in need of grace.

What makes us members of the Church though (beyond our baptism) is our commitment to believing and doing with Peter; our acceptance of the Church's authority. Communion, in short with the Pope.

One thing to be a sinner for we are all that. And of course we all struggle to repent when we have sinned.

But the only ones excluded are those who exclude themselves by deliberately rejecting what that the Church teaches and offers.