Monday, 25 June 2012

Defining Marriage: Join the webcast!

This is an alert for the webcast tomorrow night (Tuesday 26 June) put together by the excellent Australian Christian Lobby.

The blurb for the event says:

Do Christian values and ideals for marriage still matter? Should marriage remain between a man and a woman in today's world? Can Christians continue to advocate for the biological meaning of marriage publicly? What does research say about the benefit of man-woman marriage and the importance of children being raised where possible by their biological parents?

The event will be hosted by Karl Faase, Senior Pastor of Gymea Baptist Church in Sydney, and the panel consists of:

•John Anderson, former deputy Prime Minister;
•Professor Patrick Parkinson, AM specialist in family law, child protection;
•Christopher Pearson, columnist for The Australian;
•Patricia Weerakoon, sexologist;
•Dr Allan Meyer, pastor and author;
•Helen Meyer, educator and counsellor.

Christopher Pearson is, of course, the traditionalist Catholic presence, so do consider joining the party. 

The webcast can be accessed via a Church near you.  Depending on where you live, you might even find a Catholic Church amongst them - but I'm afraid practical ecumenism looks pretty thin on the ground on the whole.  But it is not too late to register...


A Canberra Observer said...

Thanks - passed it along.

I did a search - one, ie 1, Catholic Church in that list.

Depressing lack of engagement on this issue.

No doubt the ACBC have some basket-weaving statement in preparation ...

Kate Edwards said...

Have to admit I only checked Canberra where there was (the) one!

But yes, indeed.

JR, SYDNEY said...

JR, Sydney,

Kate: In answer to the 3 questions posed: no, no and no. The so-called" pastoral letter" read in the churches of Sydney Archdiocese on 17 June was pathetic.

You have confused "marriage" with "matrimony" , this seems to be a common failing among the traditionalist faction; go back and check the Little Green Book and the 7 sacraments.

As for the evidence regarding child rearing in a 2 parent heterosexual household, well depends on the researchers and their agendas, doesn't it?

I don't have a TV so won't be watching this.

Kate Edwards said...

JR - It wasn't on tv, but a webcast to selected locations (viz churches that signed up) which you can now watch from the ACL website.

On the research yes indeed. And the best studies, that actually use proper methodologies, validate the obvious answer.

As to marriage vs matrimony, not quite sure what the distinction you are tyrng to draw is.

The Church teaches that marriage is a natural institution. That is:
. all marriages are a reflection of the natural law, between a man and a woman for the purpose of perpetuating slociety through children;
. but also the marriage of any baptised couple is sacramental, regardless of whether they are catholics or not.

The case against same sex marriage certainly doesn't depend on Christiainity. All the same, a majority of Australians still claim to be Christians, so why should the Christian view of marriage be irrelevant?

Mary said...

I watched the broadcast last night and was impressed!
Although there were three areas where a knowledgable Catholic voice could have taken the discussion to a higher level, to the place we really need to go to combat this, I thought: 1) that it is contraception that has unravelled marriage and society; 2) as John Anderson touched on but didn't explain clearly enough, that we are not imposing our beliefs on anyone, we are proposing that the law retains its grasp on reality and truth and it is in fact the reformists who want to impose their (erroneous) views on society; 3) as the lawyer on the panel mentioned, the law has been changed in 84 instances to prevent discrimiation of homosexuals. However, Catholic teaching says that laws which promote the homosexual lifestyle as on par to marriage on the basis of removing discrimination are in fact against justice. This too incorporates same-sex civil unions. Just discrimination is warranted in this situation in other words.