Friday, 22 June 2012

Census 2011: Same sex couples vs Jedi Knights

You have to love the Census because it helps put things into perspective.

Homosexual couples vs Jedis

Like the fact that we have, apparently, about the same number of people living in same sex relationships as we do Jedis!
  • same sex couples: 33, 714 (so 67, 428 people);
  • Jedi Knights, 65,000.
I therefore demand that the State give Jedi Knights a certificate of recognition of their Jedi-ness. 

I demand a Parliamentary Inquiry.

After all, why shouldn't the taxpayer fund a costly national debate on behalf of an important minority?

Why shouldn't we pay to validate the choice of 'religion' of a vital 0.3% or so of the population??

Marriage is not yet (entirely) dead!

Just to put the whole same sex marriage issue into further context:
  • 71.5% of Australians still live in family households;
  • 49.2% of Australians are in a registered marriage, compared to 9.5% in a de facto relationship;
  • 7 out of 10 children are still growing up in a traditional household.
Religion on the other hand...

The Census however shows that the decline of religion continues apace.

The proportion of Christians is down three percentage points, to 61%.

More worryingly, less than half of 25-34 claim any religion at all.

The number of (nominal) Catholics, though falling, is still enough to keep us as Australia's largest religious grouping, at 25.3% of the population.

But the number claiming no religion overtook the number of Anglicans (though the classic Yes Prime Minister take on Anglican requirements in regard to actual belief in God, which does in fact have some support in actual Australian pew survey data, do spring to mind I'm afraid!).

And non-Christians now make up around 10% of the population...


PM said...

I sometimes think of that priceless Yes Prime Minister on the subject of child abuse.

'He's very concerned about the abuse of minors.'

'That's good, isn't it? Abuse by the Catholic clergy is one of the great outrages of our time.'

'But that's just it, Prime Minster. He's also concerned about the 99.9% of abuse not committed by the clergy.'

'Ohhh...You mean he's a homophobe?'

If anyone thinks that's over the top, investigate how Dierdre Grusovin or Franca Arena became former members of parliament. Franca even became the subject of racist jibes ('emotional big-breasted Italian mamma' etc)- which apparently are acceptable if said by a gay.

Anonymous said...

Yes PM, something really stank when Arena and Grusovin made those allegations and were then sacked/pushed out. Some of the stories I heard about the goings on in the NSW parliament were quite disturbing.

Neil Whitmont said...

One of Satan's most obnoxious tricks against the Church in modern times has been to give Australia bishops so cowardly - and, when not cowardly, so hopelessly heterodox that even non-theologians like Richard Dawkins can do them over - as to force us lay traditional Catholics into a tactical Protestantism if we want to get anything done at all to preserve Christendom's remnant.

Cutting off taxpayer funding to such crozier-brandishing poltroons would be a very good start.

sursum corda said...

Take the media reports on the census with a grain of salt. The ABS combines the figures for No Religion with those who choose not to answer the question - No Religion Stated - it says so on their website. The latter may indeed have religious beliefs but choose not to answer.
The Percentage of No Religion+No Religion Stated in Australia was:
23.1% in 2001, 26.9% in 2006, and 22.3% in 2011 - ie a FALL of 17% in 5 years.
In terms of actual numbers, most denominations have increased in the past 5 years - Catholics by about 312,000. Anglican numbers have dropped by about 38,000 and Uniting Church by about 69,000 and a lot of that would be due to elderly members dying, as well as the liberalism turn-off. And people in their 20's have always been the least religious, since surveys were done in the 50's - people get more religious as they get older and their own mortality hits them.