Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday at Cath News: anti-pope Joan OSB rides again!

Continuing my campaign to make Cath News well, actually Catholic, here is a round-up on Thursday's edition.

Cath News comment policy

Comments over there continue to be very sparse, suggesting that they are being tightly controlled.  Good.

But yet another person (Sharon, see the open post for Thursday) advises that her comments (on the Melinda Gates story) have been rejected.

That's a problem.

Error vs politics?

The key issue here is differentiating between what is open to legitimate debate, and what isn't.

What I'm campaigning for is for comments over there to be rejected if they advocate error. 

And Cath News does seem to be taking more care about that.  That's good news and a great step forward.

But now it's time to take the next step in the right direction, and that is to understand the difference between rejecting error, and rejecting perfectly orthodox positions that reflect political views that Cath News moderators just don't happen to like!

There is a big difference between arguing, for example, that religious life is always a bad thing (which would constitute an error of doctrine), and arguing that a particular manifestation of it (yes I am talking about those American sisters!) is bad.

There is a big difference between being outright disrespectful of a bishop, priest or religious, and disagreeing publicly with their decisions or approach.

Promoting legitimate debate

There are areas of pastoral policy and politics that Catholics can legitimately debate - like whether Covenant Agreements with the Anglicans are a good idea, or how best to address the refugee issue for example.  Why can't we have those debates on Cath News?

So folks, gear up, and start thinking about submitting comments that could stimulate a genuine, constructive discussion over there on some key issues.

Anti-Pope Joan strikes again

On the story front, the worst item of the day was, as a reader has pointed out the regular sermon from well-known as an advocate of women priests amongst many other errors, Sr Joan Chittister OSB. 

Sharon commented:

"It's amusing/exasperating how the unfailingly anti-Catholic Joan Chittister and her pals at the US National Catholic Recorder seem to have a permanent spot on CathNews to voice their views."

I can only agree.  Sr Joan's opinion piece today is a doozy.  Her topic her opposition to attempts to clean up the Church's act, including reform of Caritas, the LCWR (nuns), and the (abortion promoting) Girl Scouts. 

Quite the most spectacular of her claims is blaming Pope Pius XII not just for his alleged failure to oppose Hitler during the war, but for Hitler's rise in the first place.  It is instructive to read the reviews up on Amazon of the book she relies on to support her claims...

Why not just stick to orthodox writers when selecting opinion pieces?

In praise of Cath blog!

But on the plus side, can I draw readers attention to a really excellent post on Cath Blog from Patricia Mowbray (consultant to the Bishops on disability issues) on the alleged 'costs' of disability, particularly in the context of a rationale for abortion.

It is a warm human piece, grounded in the faith.  Exactly what Cath Blog posts should always be.  And there are some good comments on it too.

Do go and read.

Other stories of the day...

Other stories listed by Cath News today include:
  • the coming start of the Year (and a half!) of Grace;
  • the debate on refugees and current high immigration levels (an area for legitimate debate);
  • persecution of Catholics in Vietnam;
  • human trafficking in Nepal;
  • a soccer star acting as a Catholic role model;
  • assorted conspiracy theories around a teenager who disappeared from Rome 30 years ago (well, I suppose they are being widely reported!);
  • a new parish priest to replace the disgraced Fr Lee in Parramatta.
Not a bad mix?

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PM said...

You are right about Patricia Mowbray's piece. It was so good that it produced a near-miracle: Michael Furtado commented and I found I agreed with every word he said!