Monday, 21 May 2012

Reform of the reform: where can you find it in Australia?

I've had a request from a reader, asking where in Sydney he can find an English Mass said ad orientem.

But I thought I'd make this a general request for help: where (if anywhere) are there Masses said in Australia that you know about that are in the Ordinary Form, but include some or all of the following:
  • said ad orientem;
  • sung propers (entrance, offertory etc);
  • chant Ordinary;
  • orchestral/full choir polyphonic masses (ie for the Ordinary, instead of hymns);
  • use of Latin;
  • no sign of peace;
  • communion under one kind only (or by intinction) received kneeling.
Now Melbourne seems to be positively bursting with such Masses (well, relatively speaking anyway) - apart from those organised by and/or publicised by the Glorificamus Society, the once was EF-only Latin Mass Centre at St Aloysius now offers a Saturday Vigil Mass in the Ordinary Form.  And I believe there are a number of other parishes that are essentially 'reform of the reform' there.

But what about the rest of the country - do they exist?

Please help us out here dear readers...


Anonymous said...

St Mary Star of the Sea, in West Melbourne, has started providing a a Saturday morning mass which might be related to the RofR. It's novus ordo and ad populum, but everything's in Latin.

Ryan said...

My parish (St Dominic Flemington)does the ordinary form pretty well. We have also cancelled the Saturday night vigil and replaced it with a Saturday morning mass in the EF.

We have also omitted the sign of peace in the OF for quite some years now, with the exception of when a bishop visits our parish.

Also first our 1st Saturday Mass in dedication of our Lady has Benediction in latin.

Hopefully this helps.

BTW love your work Kate. First time commenter long time reader! Keep up the good work!

Joaco said...

St. Philip's in Blackburn North, Melbourne has now EF mass on Sat. morning.
NOM otherwise, but certainly RoR!