Monday, 21 May 2012

New blogs....

Can I draw readers attention to two new entrants to the Australian blogosphere.

First, The Grass Withers from Roy Richards. 

Three excellent posts to date, including one on one on the latest bout of Ecumenism with the Anglicans (do they still exist?!), this time from the Bishop of Bathurst.

And secondly, Observatory Catholic.  I've put it in  with the lay bloggers, since like the Cooees it is impossible to verify his (or her!) claim to be a priest by virtue of anonymity.  And anyway, this is not exactly priestly blogging of the serious type!  Though similar in genre to Cooees it is a little less dependent on inside knowledge to understand the posts.  And so far, I've enjoyed the humour a little more...But hey, each to his own.

Do go have a read and support them.

And think about blogging yourself!

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