Saturday, 19 May 2012

Inciting heresy: Cath News and Melinda Gates

A reader has drawn my attention to yet another occasion of Cath News inciting rejection of Magisterial teaching, this time through a puff piece on Melinda Gates' (wife of Bill) promotion of contraception in third world countries.

One solution to poverty: contracept it out of existence!

The article is an entirely laudatory piece about one of the richest women in the world's work in undermining the family and promoting sterility in African countries in particular (presumably poor Africans don't buy many computers, so aren't a market worth encouraging).

Mrs Gates' promoting contraception for these women in contravention to Church teaching.  So the first question is, just why does this rate being reported on Cath News Perspectives?

Worse, instead of investing in changing attitudes and behaviours, she is doing it by supporting three monthly injections of depo-provera, so that husbands don't know that their wives are contracepting. 

She is promoting a contraceptive approach, moreover, that has some major health risks and side effects associated with it.

And the liberal cheer squad is out in force...

Worse, of the five comments by Cath News posters so far (Saturday am), only one in support of actual Church teaching.

Instead we get to read nonsense like:

"These women have such incredibly difficult lives, it is so unfair for Church hierarchy, who live in luxury and safety, to make decisions for them."

Why Africans are poor....

Rather than lauding the work of Mrs Gates, perhaps we should be questioning instead how any one person, viz her husband, could accumulate an estimated $US 61 billion by way of net worth in 2012.

It is surely a grave indictment on our economic system.

And it means his empire is actually worth more than the annual GDP of 45 of Africa's 52 nations.

That kind of money actually invested in productive infrastructure could go a long way to solving the real causes of poverty in Africa.

But hey, I guess hers is a more permanent solution to the problem...


Martin S. said...

Bill Gates' dad was a president of 'Planned Parenthood' (Planned Barrenhood). From its racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger beginnings to today with its domination of the Democratic Party - it is the very definition of an evil institution.

Abortion and contraception are potently anti-Christian as Patrick Fagan from the Family Research Council explains.

And exactly where an amazing Christian revolution is occuring [Jenkins: 'The Coming of Global Christianity'] - how do secularist internationalists respond? - in terror that their legacy will be swept away - they try and kill it at it's root.

There's no other word but abhorrent for CathNews' preening dissent.

A Canberra Observer said...

interesting that they are publishing comments over the weekend - just because of this atrocious piece I wonder?

And as usual, the usual 'LIBERAL' approach to comment moderation (aka censorship) is in force by CathNews. I submitted a comment but it must have been deemed too insensitive for suggesting that the Gates' already have form for supporting anti-life things.

The line of stories selected around homosexuality, abortion and contraception leaves one in little doubt that the 'leadership team' at CathNews do not support Catholic teaching on sexual morality and worse have a tranpsarent agenda to subvert it by running as many fruity stories as they can find. Balance - what's that you say?

And what do the bishops of this country do? They continue to fund this heresy hole.