Monday, 14 May 2012

Doctors for Families: a voice for sanity!

One of the big news stories today was a group called Doctors for the Family coming out against 'gay' marriage in a submission to the current Parliamentary Inquiry on the subject.

They pointed out the obvious, that a stable, traditional family structure leads to the best outcomes for children. 

And garnered the inevitable politically correct reaction, to the effect that it so wasn't true! 

Even the AMA joined the chorus.

The evidence

Over at the ABC, the group is dismissed as a Christian pro-life front organisation and therefore not to be listened to.

But in fact in support of their case, Doctors for Families point, amongst other places, to a review of studies on the subject prepared by Sydney University Professor Patrick Parkinson AM. 

Let me quote from the 'About the author' section of Professor Parkinson's report:

"Patrick Parkinson AM is a Professor of Law at the University of Sydney. He was chairperson of a major review of New South Wales law concerning child protection which led to the enactment of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. He served from 2004-2007 as chairperson of the Family Law Council, an advisory body to the Federal Attorney- General, and also chaired a review of the Child Support Scheme in 2004-05 which led to the enactment of major changes to the Child Support Scheme. He is President of the International Society of Family Law. Prof. Parkinson was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2009 for service to the law and to legal education, particularly in the areas of family and child protection law, as an author, through contributions to policy reform, and to the community.

He has authored several books including Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood (2011), Tradition and Change in Australian Law (4th edition, 2010), Australian Family Law in Context (4th edition, 2009), Th e Voice of a Child in Family Law Disputes (with Judy Cashmore, 2008), Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches (2nd edition, 2003) and Principles of Equity (editor, 2nd edition, 2003)."

Not someone to be lightly dismissed one might have thought.

Putting the Catholic case.

The story appeared in several major news outlets this morning. 

So you might have expected an Australian Catholic media agglomeration service such as Cath News to pick it up, and highlight the excellent work of this pro-life group.  Yup, didn't crack a mention over there...

And worth noting too, that Professor Parkinson's report on fostering parent-child relationships was funded not by any Catholic institution, as one might have hoped or expected, but by the Australian Christian Lobby.

Good to know that someone at least is out there doing smart things, and fighting the good fight, even if it isn't us Catholics.... 

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A Canberra Observer said...

and now the pink mafia have had their vengeful way with one of them having to fall on his sword.
The new morality is the vindictive homosexual morality. Human rights but only for the priveliged and unchallengeable class.