Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cath News on Monday: Michael Voris on the Sydney's gay Mass - and the response

Continuing my campaign to keep a focus on Cath News, on Monday Cath News 'blog watcher', Michael Mullins flagged the continuing scandal of Sydney's homosexual 'acceptance' masses.

I want to congratulate Cath News for highlighting the issue, even if not for the wording of the write up!

Indeed, an issue well worth drawing our attention to!

Including the continuing scandal of priests and bishops who refuse to teach what the Church teaches on this subject.

Opposing the 'gay' lifestyle is not homophobic!

The starting point for this debate is this video from Michael Voris on the 'Acceptance' Mass at Newtown, made during his recent Australian tour.

Mullins describes it as 'homophobic'.  One expects that kind of name calling from the secular media.  But Catholics should know that to oppose the promotion of immorality and all that goes with the 'gay lifestyle' does not constitute homophobia!

Far from vilifying homosexuals, as some are claiming, Voris elsewhere suggests that Catholic homosexuals can offer their chastity as 'victim souls', offering up their sufferings for the salvation of the world.

What Voris is attacking here is not homosexuals per se, but a community that actively participates in the Mardi Gras each year, and worse.

It is indeed a continuing scandal on which Cardinal Pell's refusal to act is difficult to understand.

And the response?

Mr Mullins was actually trying to draw our attention to the response from  Fr Peter Maher of Newtown.

Far from reassuring us that Church teachings are being respected in his ministry to the homosexual community, Fr Maher's blog post actually to argue away Church teaching and the Scriptural injunctions on the subject.  Consider this extract from his post for example:

"But what of the scripture passages that seem so damning of homosexuality? Through scripture scholarship which emphasizes the meaning of the text in context, it seems that all the texts referring to homosexuality, and there are not many – indeed, none in the gospel, all refer to abusive sexual relationships. In times when people did not identify as gay, as they do today, it is reasonable to infer that the texts referring to homosexuality refer to people being used and abused. Scriptural texts do encourage intimate and caring relationships and these can often be found among lesbian and gay couples."

Rubbish!  Take a look at Romans Chapter 1 for example.

Fr Maher has even produced his own video to push his erroneous views on the subject (though I couldn't get it to play!).

Time for Cardinal Pell to act!

To contact him, should you feel moved to do so, the Archdiocesan website gives this email address: chancery@sydneycatholic.org


Father K said...

That's an interesting take - typically politically correct - 'abusive' is the new catchall word. I remember about 20 years ago the references in the Bible to homosexuality were explained away by 'not being hospitable,' especially the Sodom and Gomorrah episode! Sad and pathetic; maybe +George need to take a closer look at what is going on.

Matthew M said...

Sounds like someone dug out their old copies of John Boswell's books to try and justify homosexual sin. His works were discredited so fast it made his head spin. Same old same old. Don't know what Cardinal Pell is afraid of or other Vishops for that matter.

Felix said...

I remember that some left wing newspaper had an ad for a Sydney "gay Mass" back in the 80's. Presumably this has been going on ever since.

Did Card Pell's predecessors know about it? I'd bet they did. And that, in the standard Vatican II style, they turned a blind eye ...

But the climate is changing. And hopefully His Eminence will summon up the courage to stop this abuse.

R J Stove said...

The notion of "victim souls" is a thought-provoking one. Yet perhaps it's unduly pessimistic, for several reasons (none of which originated with me: Bill Muehlenberg's recent book Strained Relations touches on some of these facts):

(A) Contrary to the lies spouted for so long by Kinsey etc., the persistently homosexual element of the average male population in today's Western cultures is in fact tiny, nearer 1% than the mythical 10%.

(B) The so-called "gay gene" doesn't exist. Read that again, Lady Gaga: the so-called "gay gene" doesn't exist. There is a very slight statistical correlation between one hereditarian element and male homosexuality. Namely, males with twin siblings are - for reasons of which no scientists are quite certain - a bit more likely than males without twin siblings to be homosexual from an early age. But correlation, famously, is not causation.

(C) Although homosexual pedophilia is notoriously incurable without some sort of drastic medical intervention (the long-widespread practice of sending off pedophile priests to rest-cures at diocesan expense did no good whatever and much harm), homosexual desires that take the form of wanting congress with adults are, by contrast, frequently - not invariably - curable. Specialists like Joseph Nicolosi have shown this again and again. While cures aren't always easy, they often enough occur with effort, just as they have done throughout the centuries (sometimes in spontaneous fashion) before psychiatrists were even heard of.

Let the word go out: it is usually far easier to give up "the gay lifestyle" (unless that "lifestyle" involves pre-pubertal targets) than it is to give up smoking cigarettes. And if that isn't cause for optimism I don't know what is. Why in hell aren't we hearing it proclaimed by Australia's bishops? Perhaps the answer lies with the sheer suitability - when one's describing present-day Australian Catholic officialdom - of those words "in hell."

Anonymous said...

What evidence is there to claim that all GLBT people who attend these Mass are NOT currently celibate? I often attend these Catholic Eucharistic celebrations and I am celibate. Many people (gay or straight) are celibate for reasons other than Catholic teaching including myself.

Why do I attend local Masses that are promoted through Acceptance? I meet other celibate people there too. I also know a lot of other celibate people (probably straight but I don't make their sexuality my business) in my local Catholic Parish - where I give back. I left the Church for approx 15 years as I was basically fed up with the homophobic attitudes from the pulpit and some members of the congregation. In my early-20s I stopped attending regular Parish Masses as the anti-gay messages contributed to the desire to want to kill myself.

Why did I return to regular Mass attendance after 15 years away? With God's grace I was able to walk into St Joseph's at Newtown. After about 12 months, I felt strong enough to attend weekly Masses at my local Parish in the suburbs.

What do I think about Acceptance? If it wasn't for Acceptance, then I doubt that I would have been able to return to the Church (and all the good that it can offer). I don't necessarily agree with everything that might be placed under the Acceptance umbrella. And, I don’t accept clerical (and non-clerical) sexual abuse of minors or adults too.

What good does Acceptance do? Over the last 20 years I have witnessed those associated with Acceptance bring the Sacraments (eg Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Reconciliation and Last Rights) to GLBT people. Yes, I've personally witnessed many people enter the faith or return to it during the last 25 years. Given that Acceptance does not have a formal membership base (as does St V de P or Catholic Women’s League) or affiliation with any Catholic organisation (eg Diocesan or Parish home), then the Catholic witness of GLBT people who come together is even more amazing.

Why not go to Courage? I'm comfortable with my faith and sexuality. I go to Mass to experience God in the Eucharist rather than for "treatment" of a sexual problem. As we're all equal before God, I like to attend a Parish Mass with everyone else.

What do I think about some of the comments that I've read here? To my knowledge, Acceptance is not affiliated with any particular Parish as seems to be reported here. Catholics (many who happen to be GLBT) have banded together to attend a Mass at a local Church together. The loose-knit group of people who band together under the name of Acceptance is about Sacrament and Sacramentality moreso than just sexuality. Some people who attend functions promoted by Acceptance appear to be effeminate. I'm aware that there are effeminate men attending Courage too – they don’t seem to have been banned from Church premises at Courage functions. I don’t know if the Church should be banning GLBT people (including effeminate men) from attending Catholic School fetes and fund-raisers that have been publicly advertised too. I suspect that this might be the real issue here.


Paul H said...

Kate, you seem to be all too comfortable sitting in your Ivory Tower passing judgment on this issue and facilitating similar ignorant and judgemental comments. Why not see for yourself. Take up my challenge and visit the parish you seem to be condemning. Speak to the priest you so openly deride. Maybe even meet some of those homosexuals who apparently, so desperately need your readers prayers. Come on. Step away from the safety of your website. Do what Our Lord asks all authentic Catholics to do and meet His people.

Kate Edwards said...

Paul H - No ivory tower here.

Don't lecture me on meeting homosexuals, I had to watch one of my closest friends die a protracted death from AIDS.

Fortunately, he died reconciled to the Church.

Many of his friends, many people I knew at University weren't.

Fortunately these days AIDS isn't necessarily an (immediate) death sentence, but the fact that we are each given a shorter or longer time on this earth in which to repent and come to God (and I'm not just talking about homosexual acts here, I mean the sins particular to each of us) doesn't mean we should stay silent and ignore things that will send us to hell.

Personally I care for the salvation of everyone, and I trust the Church's judgment on what is and isn't a sin. And I want to see that teaching actually taught by those who are charged with doing so such as our priests.

I don't live in Sydney and am not in a position to visit, so no I won't be visiting.

But the parish, the organization and Fr Maher all have put material in the public domain and we're entitled to draw conclusions based on that.

Any organization that promotes participation in the Mardi Gras, for example, is, in my view, promoting occcasions of sin given is lewdity and crudity.

And any priest who claims Scripture doesn't condemn sodomy is clearly not operating from the Apostolic Tradition.

Oh and please don't try and tell me AIDS isn't a homosexual disease - HIV is primarily transmitted by men in Australia, with 65% of new HIV cases in 2009 were due to male homosexual contact. And infection rates are rising again.

Choose life, now and etrnally.

Anonymous said...

Just three questions, Arty.

Do you accept that same-sex attraction is a perversion?

Do you accept that sodomy is contrary to the natural law and therefore sinful?

What, precisely, were the "homophobic attitudes" to which you refer?

+ Wolsey

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas Card. +Wolsey,

Let’s get to the point. We all know that you’ré really wanting to say that heterosexual marriage is designed for both procreation and the responsible raising of children, and that this is your understanding of the natural law. Please allow me to rate your own actual performance on both criteria.

First, there’s the non-canonical marriage between Joan Larke and yourself, lasting for almost a decade. A naughty cleric. Evidently this became an embarrassment after your ordination as a Bishop of the Church. So, you then arranged for your mistress to marry a George Legh and you paid him the dowry. Incidentally, I recall the recent sacking of a Canadian Bishop in Canada by Pope Benedict for something similar.

Second, there’s the abandonment of your own two children to your mistress. Your son, Thomas Wynter was raised by a relative (possibly a lesbian?). Your daughter, Dorothy had to be adopted to a foster family and eventually left at a convent boarding school. We’re literally talking about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

With the demise of Church-run orphanages, I am grateful to the many gay and lesbian people who have taken on the role of being a responsible parent to their own as well as other people’s children today. Inevitably, GLBT people are rising to meet the Hebrew Testament’s challenge for a society to be judged by its ability to care for both widows and orphans. At present, there are 7,000+ children in care in NSW alone.

As for me, I have my own lived experience of the natural law in action: it s hidden within the depths of my own heart and based on a moral of love. Wolsey: it looks like career and ambition eventually got the better of your own understanding of it mate.


Bernie said...


I don't know whether any of your accusations against 'Wolsey' bear any relation to reality. But it is obvious that you fail to answer any of his (strongly worded but) fair questions.

As a homosexual myself, I appreciate the honest statement of Christian truth which sets us free.

We are all fundamentally heterosexual in our reproductive systems. If our emotions are out of synch, we can either learn to live with this reality while this life lasts, or pretend that the world revolves around our emotional idiosyncrasies. I choose the former.

Anonymous said...


Your ignorance is evident in that you failed to mention that young Tom became an archdeacon, and that you refuse to answer my questions.

My reservations about a mere positive, disciplinary law on genuine legal and theological grounds are nothing compared to your inferred objections to the natural law, for which no excuse is possible.

So, I ask you to stop playing the pharisee, note the forest in your own eye before pointing out the speck in mine, and once again, please answer my three questions.

+ Thos.

Archieps. Ebor.

Primas Angliae

Card. presbyt. S'ae Caecila trans Tib.

Anonymous said...

Also Arty, I can't remember any other children, but I do know I was unstinting on young Tom's behalf, paying for an excellent education including at Paris, which resulted in him become a notable scholastic theologian. This meant, among other things, a healthy respect for the natural law.

Do you have a healthy respect for the natural law???

+ Wolsey

Anonymous said...

Gerard (Canberra)
Although tragic this is nothing compared to the public girl friends of Mon John Woods and Bishop Pat Power in Canberra.

The Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese needs much prayer.