Monday, 21 May 2012

Cath News must be reformed!

Cath News, as I've argued many times before, has an agenda.

And it isn't the Church's, isn't to support the New Evangelization!

But this is a resource that is supposed to belong to us all.  It's a resource that is sucking up money our parishes could be using elsewhere.

The ACBC has a new head, in the form of Archbishop Hart, and so perhaps this is a good time to lobby once again for some action to bring Cath News into line with the Church's mission.

So let's try a little direct action, and reclaim Cath News for the Church!

Arise Catholic apologists and 'citizen journalists'!

Most of those who have written to me about Cath News have five main complaints, all of which I can attest to from personal experience:
  • they consistently reject comments put from an orthodox perspective;
  • their staff can be extraordinarily rude and unprofessional in the process;
  • the stories and blog posts they choose to highlight frequently promote error and disobedience;
  • stories which promote the 'good news' side of the Church, including Catholics and other Christians taking action to fight for moral goods are ignored (consider the Doctors for Families story last week, which ended up in one of Victoria's Equal Opportunity Commissioners being force to resign to appease the gay marriage lobby, completely ignored by Cath News); and
  • reporting of orthodox views is often distorted and ridiculed (think Blog watcher!).
The result is that many of us have just given up, leaving the comments box over there to the liberal fringe.

Now I don't imagine we can quickly change that. 

But what we can do is make them feel the heat.

What we can do is accumulate the evidence of what they are doing, and highlight the issue for all the world to see.  And see if we can shame those in charge into taking action.

Beseige Cath News with your comments!

Each day I will put up an open post where you can post the comments you have submitted to Cath News but which have been rejected...and let readers judge for themselves whether or not they should have been.

Let us know whether or not you were advised of the reasons for rejection.  And how well that was done!
Feel free also to draw attention to the stories Cath News included but you think they shouldn't have, and the stories they chose to ignore.  Please do draw attention to misreporting.  Cath Blog posts that promote error.

But above all, post the comments you tried to get Cath News to publish but didn't succeed with. Like Cath News, they will be moderated.  Unlike Cath News, if I reject any, I'll put up a note saying why (I'm open to offline correspondence as an alternative or as well).

At the end of each day I'll fill out the text of the open post with a summary of what people have said and what I've observed myself. Because I don't have much computer access at the moment, they will generally appear at the end of the day -  thus allowing a comparison count with Cath News' commentariat that day.

Once we have some momentum going, we can use the material to lobby the bishops and the Church Resources Board.

Start with the Melinda Gates story

Against this post please alert us to any issues you have in relation to the weekend's Cath News Perspectives edition.
I've already noted that this weekend's particular doozy was the Melinda Gates story.

A reader has advised that his comment on the Cath News Melinda Gates story I blogged on yesterday has been rejected.  Send it here if you kept it, Canberra Observer!

So I invite all my readers to attempt to lodge a comment over at Cath News on the Melinda Gates story.

Let's reaffirm the Church's teaching on contraception, and the reasons for it.

Let's talk about the consequences in the West of the widespread rejection of the Church's teaching.

Let's put Ms Gates' action in the context of broader Catholic Social Teaching on inequality and poverty.

But keep a copy of your comment: refuseniks welcome here!

Don't hold your breath and expect to get published however!

If this campaign forces a bit more balance in Cath News' publication policies, great.  But otherwise, if your comment doesn't get published over there, submit it here. 

Cath News must be reformed!


Martin S. said...

Is Monday their day off? 4 comments. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

The culture of death marches on with Belinda Gates aiding and abetting it. The use of the Orwellian "family planning" in this context means NO family at all. The link with planned parenthood in the USA is also a worry, isn`t there a connection to this organisation and the early eugenics movement, the one favoured by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi`s?
Why this was posted on Cath-News is puzzling, unless it is being used to show how moral relativism has undermined western civilisation and unfortunately its greatest bulwark against the barbarians, the Catholic Church. By the look of most of the comments posted, presumably by Catholics, it seems moral relativism is winning.

Kate I attempted to post this on cath-news this morning, it has not found its way to the comments section as yet.
Regards Malcolm Smith.
MJS for my screen name.

A Canberra Observer said...

I frequently have comments ignored. In the past I've received some reasoning that a spectrum of comments are published, not all.
I have had run ins over the tenor of my comments.
Basically I agree 100% with your thesis - there is an agenda going on here and they, including the Editor, do not want anyone questioning them, and they DO choose stories which seek and promote that (heterodox) agenda, and I think selectively favour heterodox comments apply a different standard of comment moderation - the vilification of the Holy Father is a case in point.
As I said in a previous post, the bishops must know this and are obviously loathe to do anything to change it. And as you noted, the liberals are still in the ascendency in the ACBC structure.