Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cath News must be reformed: open post for Wednesday's edition of Cath News

Once again, can I encourage you to go take a look at Cath News for today, the news aggregation service supported by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference and funded through services paid for by your parish, as well as other Church organisations.

Then come back here and tell us what you think!

Did you like the selection of news and opinion stories for the day?  Was there anything you feel shouldn't have been there - or anything obviously missing?  Anything promoting outright error?

Did you try and comment on a story - and if so, did it get published?  If you were knocked back,  please do post it here, so we can try and work out why!

Let's all play our part in ensuring that Cath News actually promotes the faith....

Cath News must be reformed!

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