Monday, 21 May 2012

Cath News must be reformed: Monday's edition of Cath News

In my previous post I asked all readers to take a look at Cath News each day and take action.

So what did we get served up to us today?

Rejected comments....

What got rejected?  Well one of mine for a starter!

Despite the fact that Ms Hogan and I have corresponded at length by email, and she has published previous comments of mine so can surely have no doubts as to my bona fides, she allegedly took the time to test out my phone number.

Strangely she couldn't get it to work. 

I say strangely because the number I supplied (as sent back to me) appears to be correct, is identical to what is in the phonebook, and seems to be working perfectly well for all my other callers.

Yet instead of my comment being posted on Cath News, I got an email headed 'Bad Faith?'.  Well not on my part!

Melinda Gates...

Here is the comment anyway, on the Melinda Gates article:

"It is disappointing to see this story being presented here and responded to as if it were a positive one.

The solution to Africa's problems is surely not to contracept the poor out of existence, but rather to work for economic, political and social reforms that support God's gift of life.

And to work in ways that affirm the value of the family structure rather than actively undermine it.

Would that the mega-rich like Mr and Mrs Gates gave away their fortunes for whom they are merely stewards, not owners, anonymously, rather than seeking kudos for it.

More importantly still, would they invested in the social and economic infrastructure necessary to counter inequality. And work for economic reform in their own country, so that individuals such as themselves cannot be worth more in dollar terms than most African nations are!"

And here is another comment that doesn't seem to have made it onto Cath News, this time from Malcolm Smith:

"The culture of death marches on with Belinda Gates aiding and abetting it. The use of the Orwellian "family planning" in this context means NO family at all. The link with planned parenthood in the USA is also a worry, isn`t there a connection to this organisation and the early eugenics movement, the one favoured by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi`s?"

Good to see that two additional strong comments on this story did manage to get past the gatekeeper though, keep trying!

Any more out rejected comments out there?

A reader has noted that there appear to have been very few comments posted over at Cath News today.

That may in fact indicate a bit more attention to the issues I've been raising here (well, one can hope anyway!). 

But please, do make the effort and comment over at Cath News.  Let's get real Catholic Voices heard, one way or another!

And if it gets rejected, do post it over here.

Today's stories on Cath News....

As for the content of Cath News today, it's not all bad! 

But yes, still some promotion of outright error. 

Let me point to the worst examples:
  • Blogwatcher highlights the path of dissent of Irish priests, as well as an 'America' Magazine (does this really count as a blog?) article claiming that the Church's teaching on gay marriage and homosexuality more generally and lauds the idea of the laity rejecting the guidance of the Magisterium on this subject!
  • a story from Laurence Freeman OSB via UK Bitter Pill that defends the US religious women, and asserts that the clerical or religious state is not superior to the lay or married state.  Sorry, that proposition was condemned by the Council of Trent: celibacy or virginity for the sake of the kingdom is an objectively higher state of life.  The article also criticises the 'virus of perfectionism'.  Hmm, ever heard of the injunction "Be ye perfect, as even as your father who is in heaven is perfect'!;
Feel free to add to the list, I haven't had time to read everything over there!

Cath News must be reformed!


David Busher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Busher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate Edwards said...

David - Do you still have a copy of your blog post?

I'd be happy to publish it here (better late than never!).

I do remember reading your first one and wondering what happened to the promised series; so very sad to hear this story.

My email can be found via my profile box to the right.

Carob_molasses said...

Kate, there is a missing 'that' needed: "would '[that] they invested" in the post.
This sort of optative clause is hard going for most causal/young English speakers, and definitely for ESL people, so please consider editing this.

David Busher said...

Two comments I made about CathNews I have removed from this page. They were unfair and incorrect.

While I agree with the reform of CathNews, I should be doing it in a charitable, Catholic way: not submitting myself to an emotional reaction I had never followed up.