Friday, 25 May 2012

Cath News Friday edition: open post

Continuing the Cath News must be reformed campaign!

Do please:
  • comment (constructively) over there, and tell us if your comment got up or not - and if it does get bounced, publish it here (you can email it to me offline if you want to keep separate your various online identities!);
  • draw attention to any particularly good or particular bad stories; and
  • point us to the debates we should all be joining over there.
Getting our voices heard

One or two people have queried whether this campaign can really have an impact.

I can certainly understand the cynicism - many of us have tried complaining individually to bishops on various subjects and gotten nowhere.

But firstly, putting the issues up in lights here will get noticed - I'm often getting around a thousand webhits a day according to blogger (often a lot more if pewsitter or one of the other blog aggregation websites pick up a post.  But no Mr Coyne, Blog Watchers' references don't actually generate much traffic here relatively speaking!).

Secondly, once the evidence accumulates, I propose to launch phase 2...

Thirdly, even if it doesn't actually change Cath News, maybe it will challenge a few people's thinking.

Small actions accumulate.

But could I urge you also to add your prayers to this cause.... 

Because Cath News must be reformed!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Hi Kate,

CathNews Featured Website for April 20 2009 was Australian AIDS Funds Incorporated.

CathNews had this to say about the website:
The Australian AIDS Fund Incorporated( AIFC) is a Melbourne based Catholic AIDS care agency involved in care for HIV positive people and educational awareness programs It promotes the annual (mid July) Schools AIDS Day national awareness event as well as HIV/AIDS informational resource for clergy, teachers and students Australia and worldwide. The site has a clear layout with a good deal of material easy for users to find.

After I went to this website and read its materials I wrote to Archbishop Hart who replied by stating [from memory, I have the reply somewhere in my chaotic filing system] that the Australian AIDS Fund has no links to the archdiocese Today, over three years later the 2009 CathNews recommendation is second on Google when “Australian AIDS Fund Incorporated” is entered.

One of the troubling links on this website which CathNews linked and spoke about so enthusiastically was a site created by Marie Stopes International – the largest abortion provider in the UK. The likeitis site is very young person friendly. The young person can shoot condoms at Love Bugs, find out about emergency contraception (the over the counter drug) and learn all about having an abortion.

CathNews is received my a large number of teachers in Catholic schools. I wonder how many students were directed to this website to obtain information for AIDS projects etc

I wonder if the people/person at CathNews who chose AAFI as their Featured Website for April 2009
actually checked it out from a Catholic point of view.