Monday, 14 May 2012

A bishop-elect for Toowoomba at last: Rev Robert McGurkin

Source: Parramatta Diocese website

The news is out, Vicar-General of Parramatta Diocese, Rt Rev Robert McGurkin has been appointed as the new bishop of Toowoomba.

The bishop-elect was ordained in 1973, and has served in several parishes of the Archdiocese of Sydney and, subsequently the Diocese of Parramatta.  He has been involved in the consultations over the future of Wilcannia-Forbes over the last year or two.

A canonist, he has served as a lecturer, judge and president of the Canon Law Society. He has long been a member and is presently Judicial Vicar of the Regional Tribunal for New South Wales.  You can read more about his canonical work here.

He is, amongst many other things, a lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, which lists his qualifications as follows: MCL (University of Ottawa, Canada), JCL (St Paul University, Canada), STB(Theological Faculty Sydney Manly), DipT.Prac, JP.

In the Diocese of Parramatta he has been VicarGeneral and Moderator of the Curia since 1997. He has also served as Episcopal Vicar for Religious (1991-2011), Episcopal Vicar for Health and Welfare (2010-12), member of the Council of Priests and College of Consultors (1994-2012), and on several other committees.


His 'preliminary statement' on the ACBC website says:

"I’m honoured and humbled to be appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as Bishop of Toowoomba.

I would hope to build upon the good work of my predecessors and look forward to working with the clergy, religious and everyone in the Diocese.

I ask for your prayers as together we strive to fulfil the mission entrusted us in building up the Kingdom of God.

Mgr McGuckin said in his vocation he has been mindful of Matthew 20:28 - ‘He came to serve, not to be served’.

As one who has been called to be a ‘Fisher of Men’, it is perhaps fitting that for his relaxation, Mgr McGuckin enjoys a spot of fishing of the regular kind."

In an excellent choice of dates, Mons McGuckin’s Episcopal Ordination will be celebrated in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Toowoomba, on Wednesday, 11th July at 11.30am, the Feast of St Benedict.

Please do keep the bishop-elect in your prayers as he takes on surely the most challenging role in the Australian Church....


Disillusioned said...

Indeed good news for Toowoomba. However I think the good people over at Vexilla Regis might be a little disturbed by his close association with the one and only David L. Walker who no doubt will impart his wisdom to the bishop elect on how best to run a diocese! Not to mention his priests.

PM said...

An interesting sidelight on the mysterious process of episcopal appointments: Bishop Fisher doesn't seem to have been aware of this ten days ago when he named Mgr McGuckin as administrator pro tem as administrator of Glenmore Park in place of the unfortunate Kevin Lee.

It's worth, by the way, reading Bishop Fisher's homily when he went to Glenmore Park the Sunday before last. His detractors would have it that he is an elitist academic, ut he showed a very sure pastoral touch that day.

Steve said...

Given the monumental job he faces in turning the Diocese around, I would have been expecting someone who had a few more years up his sleave. Given that we have seen recent appointments in their late 40's and early 50's, I'm surprised they are giving the job to someone who is only going to have 6 or 7 years to (hopefully) get Toowoomba back on track or at least heading in the right direction.

Antonia Romanesca said...

The good Fr Robert is 69? A turnaround in 7 years, means he is super efficient. Time shall tell. I say pray for him and hard.