Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wilcannia-Forbes: the Pell proposal

Mr Coyne has placed online a letter from Cardinal Pell to the clergy of the Archdiocese of Sydney outlining the proposal for the future of the diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes. 

As I know a number of readers, particularly from that diocese, are waiting anxiously to know what is going on, here are the key paragraphs:

"Basically, the Bishops are proposing that the South-Western parishes in the Diocese of Wilcannia Forbes will become part of the Diocese of Wagga Wagga. The eastern and northern parishes will become part of the Diocese of Bathurst where they originally belonged.

The remaining six parishes in the far west of NSW will form the continuing Diocese of Wilcannia. The Cathedral Parish will be at Broken Hill.

The Administration of the Diocese of Wilcannia will become the responsibility of the Archbishop of Sydney."

The letter also suggests that Sydney priests would work in the diocese, and Wilcannia priests would have the opportunity to work in Sydney.

The letter notes that the proposal has been unanimously agreed by the NSW/ACT bishops, and will soon be presented to Rome for approval.  Such approval is not automatic of course, but this represents the 'definitive' proposal from the bishops....

Cardinal Pell asks that the intentions of this special initiative be kept in the clergy's prayers.  You might consider joining in this... 

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HolyCatholicApostoli said...

Does this mean that the Diocese will not have a Bishop, and will essentially be part of the Sydney Archdiocese?