Wednesday, 4 April 2012

For the Nuncio: who we don't want for Canberra!

I suppose it is the media equivalent of the silly season now, but it is also inevitable that the speculation on who should/will become the next Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn.

And there are already some pretty wacky suggestions out there!

Wanted: effective, orthodox Archbishop and Auxiliary for the nation's capital

The good news is that it seems there are actually two vacancies to be filled, both the Ordinary and the Auxiliary, as Bishop Patrick Power has confirmed to the Canberra Times that he still intends to retire mid-year.

The bad news are the assorted wishlists that have started circulating! 

I'm guessing the Canberra Times' list came from Bishop Power given the progressive flavour of those suggested.  Let's  just summarise and say that none of them would appear anywhere near my own list of suitable appointees!

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Joshua said...

Yuck! Brian Lucas for Hobart!

Tell me, O tell me it's not true...