Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chrism Masses and Wilcannia-Forbes: the last ever tonight?

The strange idea of shifting the diocesan Chrism Mass to some more 'convenient' time - and hence losing some of the key symbolism of it - is on again this year.

In fact this year only one diocese - Sydney - is actually holding the Chrism Mass on the traditional day of Maundy Thursday!

I realise in geographically dispersed dioceses holding it on Maundy Thursday is problematic. 

But that doesn't explain some of the city dioceses times.

Nor does it justify moving it out of Holy Week altogether!

And yes, I know bishops and priests are busy at this time of the year.  But isn't that kind of the point - after all, we have in front of us the example of Our Lord on the Cross?

But maybe I am being too much of a traditionalist here?

Wilcannia-Forbes - will the saga be resolved soon?

In any case, tonight it is Wilcannia-Forbes' Chrism Mass.

And what could be its last ever as a diocese is not even taking place in the Cathedral in Broken Hill, but rather in Forbes.

Rumour is that Geraldine Doogue will be there (presumably with ABC entourage) - I guess to be able to add some parting shot to the upcoming ABC Compass  story on the diocese, which from the sound of it is likely to air every liberal grievance with the Church up to and including the New Missal (though quite what that has to do with the long slow slide of Wilcannia-Forbes isn't immediately obvious).

Here is the blurb for the show:

"As Australian Catholics come to grips with the controversial new translation of the Mass, one of the country's largest dioceses is fighting for its very survival. The new translation of the Roman Mass is the most significant change to Catholic worship in 40 years. It has divided Catholics between those who believe in orthodoxy and those who champion the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. While debate rages over the new Mass, the western NSW Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes has not had its own bishop for three years and is in danger of being dissolved. Against this backdrop, Australia's Bishops travelled to Rome in October to visit the Pope and Vatican officials. While there they celebrated the opening and blessing of a new multi-million dollar pilgrimage centre "Domus Australia"."

It will screen at 6.30pm this Sunday (if you have the stomach for it).
In the meantime, please do keep the diocese in your prayers!
And for the record...Chrism Masses this year
At their Cathedral, unless otherwise indicated.  Do go if you have a chance (and it isn't already over and done with for the year!).
Sydney - Maundy Thursday, 10.30am
Parramatta - Holy Wednesday, 7.30pm
Broken Bay - Holy Tuesday, 7.30pm
Maitland-Newcastle - Holy Tuesday, 7pm
Wollongong - Holy Wednesday, 7.30pm
Lismore - Holy Monday, 7pm (NB: Bishop Jarrett has two of these to conduct)
Armidale - still not online!
Bathurst - held Wednesday March 28
Wagga Wagga - Holy Monday, 6pm, Leeton
Wilcannia-Forbes - Thursday March 29, Forbes
Canberra-Goulburn - Holy Monday, 7.30pm
Melbourne - Holy Tuesday, 11am
Ballarat - Holy Monday, 6.30pm
Sale - Holy Tuesday 11am
Sandhurst - March 28
Tasmania - Holy Tuesday, 7.30pm
Perth - Holy Tuesday 7pm 
Geraldton - March 28
Bunbury - Not available online
Broome - Not available online
South Australia-NT
Adelaide - Holy Monday, 6pm
Port Pirie - Tuesday March 27
Darwin - Not mentioned in Lent-Easter program (!)
Brisbane - March 29
Townsville - March 28
Cairns - Friday 30 March, 7pm
Rockhampton - March 28

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