Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Toowoomba 'leadership' group: delusion, disobedience and deceit continue

The antics of the 'Toowoomba Diocesan Leadership Group' continue.  Thanks to a Toowoomba reader for sending this latest...

Parishes and other diocesan agencies were apparently treated to an 'update' on the Bishop Morris situation yesterday, sent out from the Diocesan chancery, accompanied by a particularly rabid article on the saga from Fr Michael Kelly SJ.

Potentially on the positive side, it seems the ACBC are attempting to take the situation in hand, agreeing to meet with the group.  Although given the make-up of the Queensland Province, I wouldn't be holding my breath for decisive action.

On the negative, this note illustrates the extreme degree of delusion this group have been brainwashed into, with their hopeless obsession on 'clearing the name' of Bishop Morris!

Here is the update, with my comments:

"Carter Memorandum:

The Memorandum prepared by Hon W J Carter QC was forwarded to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) but no reply or comment from them has been received. [Well what could you say!]

Fr Ian Waters, an expert on Canon Law [who should be removed from whatever positions he holds] was asked to look at this Memorandum from the point of Canon Law. Both articles concluded that Bishop Morris has been denied natural justice.

At the request of Fr Frank Brennan, Fr Michael Kelly SJ [Please Holy Father, suppress the Jesuits again!] wrote an article on the subject for The Tablet and other media outlets. He asked permission to send these documents to the editor as verification of points made in his article. Permission was granted and therefore they have been made public and can be downloaded from: and

To listen to an interview with Bill Carter on Bishop Morris aired on Radio National Breakfast on 18th January:

Also, Mark Copland has uploaded these files, along with articles from Frank Brennan and Andrew Hamilton onto the website:

Copies of the Memorandum and Canonical Reflection will be/have been sent to the Cardinals of the relevant Sacred Congregations involved in the original process, as well as to the Supreme Court of the Church.

Attached is a copy of Fr Michael Kelly’s article.

ACBC and Proposed Meeting:

Correspondence between the ACBC and the Toowoomba Diocesan Leadership Group (TDLG) has, so far, borne little fruit because the ACBC has not addressed any of the questions/concerns raised by the TDLG.

However, the ACBC suggested that, through Bishop Brian Finnigan, a meeting be arranged with the TDLG and several bishops of the Queensland Province. This proposal has been accepted and will take place towards the end of February. Bishop Morris will also be present.

It is most likely that this meeting will take place in Brisbane with a small representative group from the TDLG (possibly 10 people) and if videoconferencing or teleconferencing facilities are available, this will be arranged for the benefit of the larger group.

It has been proposed that the agenda for this meeting include:

1) The sharing of any further information on the process gained by the bishops during their Ad Limina visit as stated in their Media Release upon their return from Rome;[Why isn't Bishop Finnigan's report back good enough for them?]

2) What further steps can be taken to clear Bishop Bill’s name; [!Whoever is suggesting that his name either needs to be or can be 'cleared' is deceiving these people and leading them astray.  The Pope has made his decision; there is no appeal.  Let it go!]

3) Reiterate that our diocese is not divided as some claim, and that Bishop Bill has the support of the vast majority of the people in the diocese. [yeah right, not!  Even if this were true, this is not a democracy.  Numbers don't matter in the civil court system; similarly they don't affect the Holy Father's prudential decisions on what needs to be done.]

4) The clarification of definitions (such as infallibility) and other points as previously requested, but so far unanswered.[They are asking for some catechesis?  Well, surely no problem giving them that...]

Another meeting of the whole TDLG will take place after the meeting with the bishops.

Council of Priest and Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC)

Fr Ray Crowley has advised that Bishop Brian Finnigan has approved the re-establishment of the Council of Priests (to be known as the Ad hoc Council of Priests) and Diocesan Pastoral Council, as advisory groups until a new Bishop is appointed....

Dates for the ad hoc Council of Priests meetings are 6/7 March, 17/18 July and 7/8 November. An agenda meeting is to be held on 5 February. (Items to be put forward to Fr Michael O’Brien by 30 January).

Dates for the ad hoc DPC are: 18 February, 21 April, 14 July and 10 November.

Sr Eileen March

Please keep the faithful suffering in Toowoomba in your prayers, and pray for a swift resolution of this delusional nonsense.


Frank said...


Delusional is the correct word for these people and for Morris. There are other words such as unfaithful, unorthodox, mean spirited, overblown sense of pride, lack of humility, destructive, anti catholic, pope hating, that could also be used.

By the way, isn't that TDLG (Toowoomba Diocesan Leadership Group) a self appointed group with no formal standing in the diocese. The arrogance of them to think they represent the diocese. Who are they to gain an audience with the Qld bishops at the exclusion of everyone else. Surely this meeting should be an open invitation to all in the diocese?

Cassandra said...

All this nonsense emanating from Toowoomba for some 9 months or so by the priests and agencies of the diocese goes to show how right the Pope was in deposing Bishop Morris. Their actions and words show how far off the track the diocese had become and how they will not bow to any legitimate church authority other than the one person they are absolutely enamoured and obsessed with, and that is Morris.

Seriously, they need to all pack up their lives, leave Toowoomba and go live with Morris in Brisbane, set up a new cult there dedicated to Morris, and I am sure they will all be very happy together for some 4 weeks or so until reality sets in. Then they can all move to St Mary's Community in Exile where they can belong to the cult of Fr Kennedy.

Seriously sad, but I guess we humans have to admit that we all have the capacity to be just plain stupid and childish. It's just that most of us would choose to be this stupid and childish in relative privacy and not by going out and telling the whole world.

GOR said...

This continues to demonstrate how wrong the cult of ‘personality’ can be in the Church. It is not new - as St. Paul railed about many centuries ago with the Corinthians (“I am of Paul; I am of Apollo; and I am of Cephas…”). Here in the US we have had repeated instances of people idolizing “Fr. X” and when Fr. X is found to have feet of clay, much scandal ensues.

Historically, heretics have not been ignorant men in human terms (Arius, Donatus, Luther, etc.). If they had been, no one would have bothered with them. But the fact that they were seen as educated, intelligent, or members of the hierarchy gave them ‘credibility’ - and a following. Sometimes a very large following.

But our Faith is not determined by numbers or the will of the majority. Our model is Christ, not any of his followers, who will always remain imperfect followers - despite their perceived erudition or fleeting fame.