Monday, 27 February 2012

Rudd and Bishop Morris: just another unfair dismissal case!**

There was a great tweet from Alan Kohler this morning on some of the pro-Rudd spin: "So the whole thing is really just an unfair dismissal case."

The tweet and Mr Kohler's underlying analysis are particularly apposite today, since Michael Mullins over at Eureka Street apparently sees a parallel between the current "crisis" in the ALP and the state of the Church.

Kohler on Kevin

Mr Kohler's follow up tweets include that 'Kevin's kamizaki won't kill Labor', and "Cold shower on the Labor "crisis"  - it's just Kevin's self-destruction".

In his article for the Business Spectator on the subject Kohler comments:

"...But it’s been awfully interesting to watch someone so consumed with frustrated ambition and bitter resentment that they explode before our eyes, like a sort of manic blonde suicide bomber.

At least with most unfair dismissal cases, there’s a chance of a settlement and a nice cheque to go away and shut up. This preposterous escapade – effectively a late unfair dismissal action - by Kevin Rudd, could only ever end in disaster for him, and for the party.

You’ve got to wonder, though, what is going through the mind of Anthony Albanese.

Robert McClelland and Kim Carr you can understand, motivated as they are by petty vengeance over their demotions. But Albanese tearfully supporting Rudd because of the 2010 coup? Please."

One similarly has to wonder it is going through the minds of those who seem to take a similarly destructive view of the Church.  Because there is a big difference between honestly facing up to how things are, and looking at how to address those problems in a constructive way, and the antics of some in the Church today.

Eureka Street on the state of the Church

Over at Eureka Street, forecample, Mr Mullins cites the work of yet another dissident Jesuit writer on dyfunction in the Church with a table setting out the characteristics of 'functional' and 'dysfunctional' groups.  It looks like a rehash to me of some work by W R Bion and others - I once had a job that required me to read, internalise and sell to others the latest management fads (I mean 'insights').

At only a glance once can see the agenda being pushed: dysfunctional groups, for example, are known because they are characterised by 'rigid attitudes' and 'revere past traditions'.

One could note of course that the Church is not a 'group' in the normal sense: rather it is the Body of Christ!  And one could point out that the whole basis of the Church is its cutodianship and passing down of 'the Tradition'! 

And if it's analysis is not valid for the Church, how much longer the bow that Mr Mullins claims he is not drawing (!) in relation to the ALP:

"It's not Eureka Street's purpose to transplant Callaghan's analysis of power structures in the Catholic Church to the Australian Labor Party. But members and observers of the ALP will recognise signs of the party's decline in that of the Church, and hopefully accept that both Gillard and Rudd forces have a particular job to do in order to make the party functional before the next federal election."

Anytime soon....

And for all the messianic and martyr analogies that have been put around in the last few days, Annabel Crabbe has gone one better: Rudd, she suggests is "the people's princess"!  Hmm, and remember her fate...

So is the Party itself truly in trouble, or is the real issue the efforts of a destructive few (or even one)? 
The choose a leader caucus meeting starts soon....

***And Ms Gillard won decisively.


A Canberra Observer said...

Eureka St, (most) Jesuits - suppress them all.

As for Annabel Crabb - it seems she too is madly in love with how clever she thinks she is.

Kate said...

Hmmm I thought Ms Crabb was as usual on the mark and quite funny actually...