Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pray for Bishop Kennedy and the people of Armidale**

Just a reminder that Bishop Kennedy of Armdiale is scheduled to be consecrated today, so please do keep him especially in your prayers.

Along with the people of the diocese, many of whom have been badly affected by floods....

***And here, courtesy Lu Danieli and Gary Fry (via ACBC media) is some information and pictures of the event.

The two hour ceremony was attended by over 850 people in the Cathedral, including 29 bishops and 90 priests, plus an overflow in a marquee.
Retiring Bishop of Armidale, Luc Matthys ,
principal consecrator , and the laying on of hands,
Cardinal Pell looking on

Bisop Hanna of Wagga Wagga; Cardinal Pell; Bishop Kennedy
and Bishop Matthys
Bishop Kennedy said that he was both honoured and humbled to be chosen as a successor of the Apostles as the Bishop of Armidale.

"As I begin today, the task of chief shepherd of the Church of Armidale, I am heartened in the knowledge that I am not alone. I have my brother Priests, who, as co-operators with the Bishop, also bear with him the co-responsibility of teaching, sanctifying and governing," Bishop Kennedy said to parishioners at the ordination ceremony. "I know that I can rely on the support and prayers of you, the faithful. Please pray that I do what is right and preach what is true. Please pray that the care of the shepherd never be lacking for his flock."

The new Bishop said that teaching and learning in the diocese are fundamental concerns for him, particularly, such that "Catholics know and understand what it is to be Catholic".

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A Canberra Observer said...

thanks for the pics.

Nice chasuble for the new bishop.

(Shame about the altar - I wonder if the metal construction underneath is the old altar rail gates ..._