Friday, 17 February 2012

The KRudd launches Project Compassion: have they no shame!**

Project Compassion for Caritas was launched in Brisbane today.

By a notorious ex-Catholic, in the form of Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Right in the middle of a State election campaign.

And right in the middle of Rudd's own campaign to unseat the Prime Minister and destabilise the Government.

Does no one in Caritas have any judgment whatsover? 

And then there is the fawning nonsense over at the ACBC blog such as this:

"Minister Rudd is the champion and architect of Australia’s big picture battle to reduce global poverty. He has overseen a progressive and innovative drive to improve delivery of in-country programs and built a much stronger relationship between the Government and aid and development agencies."

Give me a break.

Well, that's one charity I won't even consider supporting in future.

**Fans of Mr Rudd will also enjoy today's story about his miraculous new-found love for his alma mater Marist.  His two years at Marist College in Brisbane, as a charity student following the death of his father, had previously been expunged from his CV.  And but a few years ago on ABC Radio he reportedly declared that 'his memory of Marist College was of ''tough, harsh, unforgiving institutional Catholicism of the old school'".  As Prime Minister he refused an invitation to open a new science block named for his old headmaster.

Now, however, serendipitously given the school's location in a key, hotly contested electorate, he apparently remembers finding happiness there...So moved by the occasion was he, that he uploaded a youtube clip (I have to admit I couldn't stomach more than a few seconds of it myself...).


Joshua said...

Don't worry yourself, Kate; I'm sure PM Abbott will be glad to launch Project Compassion next year!


Kate said...

Given the Liberals record on aid and budget pressures, I highly doubt that he would be invited, or if he was, attact such warm sentiments from Caritas!

Still, he would have been a preferable choice to do the job than a highly political choice not to mention a defector from the faith, even this year!

Matthias said...

caritas australia leadership, must still think they are immune from the opinion of the Vatican, expressed by the appointment of a new international secretary general,for the Organisation to have a more Catholic identity.
Yet here we have a ex Catholic,probaly not even a Anglo Catholic who schemes like Richelieu ,being the public face of Caritas.

Antonia Romanesca said...

Thanks Matthias. I had read that Il Vaticano was planning to bring Caritas into line more - but was unaware that it had actually happened, viz with the fresh Caritas leadership appointment.