Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ending the Queensland black hole: seminarian numbers..

As I've gone through the diocesan profiles I've been doing, I've highlighted a number of dioceses where seminarian numbers are starting to rise.  One of those was Queensland, and on this I've been very kindly sent some further good news.

Spectacular growth

In 2008 (before the appointment of Monsignor Anthony Randazzo as rector of Holy Spirit Seminary in Brisbane, there were four seminarians.

This year there are 32!

In February 2012, six men commenced their formation at the Seminary (5 for Brisbane, 1 for Rockhampton).  In June 2012, it is hoped that eight more will commence their formation at the Seminary (4 for Brisbane, 2 for Townsville, 2 for Umuahia [Nigeria]).

The current break down for the Seminary is:

Brisbane 19
Rockhampton 2
Toowoomba 1
Townsville 2
Maitland-Newcastle 1
Umuahia 7
The results are a tribute to the hard work and prayers of all concerned, so please do keep the staff and seminarians in your prayers.

Seminarians elsewhere?

I've had a look around for updates on numbers at the other Australian seminaries, but haven't found anything as yet, but if you are aware of any such data (or are involved in the seminary and would like to publicise your successes!), please do email me.

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Stephen said...

Although numbers on paper look very promising, a number of the seminarians will be serving their ministry in Nigerai not Queensland in the long term.

There is a bit of concern about turnover as well. Of the 4 seminarians that joined in 2010, 2 were kicked out and one left of his own decision, leaving only one. That is a 25% retention rate. In 2011 there were no first year seminarians.

Although Mgr Randazzo is doing good work, things have not yet stabilsed in Queensland and retention rates are far lower than southern seminaries.