Sunday, 26 February 2012

Divine Mercy Procession: April 12-15

Just to alert you to an upcoming event, the annual Divine Mercy Procession from Wagga Wagga Cathedral to the Divine Mercy Shrine at Tarcutta.

It starts on Thursday April 12 with Mass in the Extraordinary Form and blessing of pilgrims, and will include daily Mass and devotions, and all night Adoration on Saturday.  The chaplains for the event are Rev Fr Joseph Michael Mary (Franciscans of the Immaculate, Perth) and Rev Fr Michael Rowe, Latin Mass Chaplain (Archdiocese of Perth).

You can find more information, and register here.

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Joshua said...

Sounds good; and I see that my priest when I lived in Perth, my friend Fr Rowe, is keeping up his peripatetic ways, helping out wherever he can.

I don't quite understand, however: it appears that the pilgrims must walk all Thursday, Friday and Saturday - but it's only 50 km from W.W. to Tarcutta; compare that to the longer distance covered in only two and a half days (Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday) by the Christus Rex Pilgrimage. Perhaps they take the scenic route, or arrive at Tarcutta quite early on the Saturday? I went to the website referenced, and did a quick search, but turned up no information about the exact timetable nor the route...