Monday, 6 February 2012

Comments and an apology...

I received a note from Mr Barney Zwartz of The Age correcting some claims made about his background by a commenter. 

I've deleted the original comment, and provided the corrective material in the post concerned on Toowoomba.

I have to admit that this was my fault - I shouldn't have let the comment go through, even though I was unaware of the falsities contained in it. 

Fortunately he doesn't seem to be upset about the matter, and I imagine he gets the same and more on his own publication.  But this isn't a secular media outlet where such behaviour might be expected!

So I do apologise again to Mr Zwartz for this.

Comments policy

I would ask all commenters though to keep in mind appropriate standards of behaviour on a catholic blog.

I love getting lots of comments, even (most of the time) the wild and woolly ones.  Debate is a good thing, and so is testing out claims.  Nonetheless, please do keep your comments to the arguments and actions of people rather than peripheral matters unless you are absolutely certain of your facts and it is really relevant.

I realise that not everyone who comments here is what they claim, and on the whole I don't mind that - I generally hope that by allowing those who are not exactly committed to either Catholicism, or at least the type of Catholicism I'm promoting, to read and engage that will perhaps learn something and eventually change their views!  But I will, in future, be more rigorous about rejecting comments that I think are just intended to derail a debate.

And I have switched anonymous comments off again, so you will need to obtain a google or other open ID identity if you wish to comment (note that this still allows you to be effectively anonymous).