Monday, 9 January 2012

What's happening in the news today...(Monday January 9)

  • Baptism of Our Lord (OF) - yep, yesterday was Epiphany, today we skip to the other end of the old Octave, leaving out everything in between in the rush to get back to very Ordinary Time!
  • Yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald reported on Orthodox Christmas celebrations, including the tough pre-Christmas fast 

  • The Australian has an article claiming that 'public schools lose on funds, with state and federal funding for schools increasing 82% for independent schools, 64% for catholic schools, and only 48% for public schools (google to access it if you are not a subscriber);
  • In his first media foray as far as I can work out since the Hepworth affair last year, and his withdrawal from a Federal job offer, Msgr Cappo of Adelaide is reported by the Australian to have attacked the Federal Coalition's pledge to abolish the Social Inclusion Unit, and the State Government's dismantling of the Social Inclusion Board which he headed until the change of Premier's in South Australia last year. 
Around the world
  • In Nigeriacurfews have been imposed in a bid to stem Islamic anti-Christian violence;
  • Appropriating saints: The Courier Mail reports on political battles in France over St Jean of Arc in relation to the six hundredth anniversary of her birth;
Oz bishop's Christmas messages

  • Bishop Anthony Fisher of Parramatta talks about presents given at the first Christmas, and our own tendency to accumulate goods we don't need:

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