Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On the observance of secular feasts....

When I was thinking this morning about what I might write about for Australia Day tomorrow, I was thinking of arguing for restoration of the novus ordo-esq practice of observing the feast on the nearest Monday, in the interests of celebrating the sacred Australian Long Weekend.

I had forgotten to take account of just how seriously this feast is taken.

Good Friday, Easter and even Christmas Day may be under assault from the secularists, but not, it seems, Australia Day!

I'm currently living in the middle of a construction zone. 

The hillside next to me is being dug up and new optical fibres (I assume for the National Broadband Network) laid. 

The road behind me is being repaved. 

And in my street, three (more) McMansions are currently under construction, perfectly good older houses having been pulled down in the interest of constructing something bigger and better on the same site (its been an ongoing process - last year three houses on either side of me each grew a story.  Only three more left in the street to go...but maybe the allegedly collapsing economy will spare us those!).

The workers at all of these sites are likely to turn up on any day of the year and at any hour - I was out cutting my hedge early, at around 6.30am one morning in the hope of getting it done before they arrived, but nope; last Sunday the hill diggers were at it; and one of the building sites even had someone working on it on Christmas Day.

But this afternoon, blissful silence has once more been restored, as all five sites have closed down apparently for Australia Day. 

I'm betting on it being a four and half day weekend since everything looks very thoroughly packed up.

Well, patriotism is a virtue I suppose...

PS Would it be unAustralian of me to do the rest of my hedge tomorrow just in case the workers are back on Friday?

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