Tuesday, 10 January 2012

News briefs for Tuesday Jan 10***update

What you need to know about that's happening in the Catholic world today:

Feasts: Epiphanytide (EF); Commencement of Ordinary Time (OF); St Paul the First Hermit (OSB 1963).

World news
  • Another former Anglican bishop, Robert Mercer, was received into the English Ordinariate last Saturday, please keep him and Ordinariates (and would-be Ordinariates!) in your prayers;
  • Retiring Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, Tim Fischer's comments on the Pope's annual speech to the diplomatic corp at the start of the year have been widely picked up;
  • Political conservatism and catholicism: are they compatible?  The UK Herald's William Oddie looks at Rick Santorum's rise in the US and questions the basis of his position on health care and other issues.  The article's summary paragraph states that: "Orthodox American Catholics seem to think that doctrinaire neo-liberalism is the logical consequence of faith: they’re just wrong".  So true!;
  • up to 8 million people participated in the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila, the capital of the Philippines yesterday, despite Islamic terror threats;
  • the Vatican has finally, it seems, discovered the internet.  Unfortunately, it stills seems to be rather at the low end of the learning curve, having used Wikipedia, more or less unedited, and certainly not cross-checked, to provide potted bios of the new Cardinals for the media.  Mind you, a certain prominent Australian journalist and blogger famously fell into this trap too...

Oz news
  • On your list of charities not to support, make sure you have The Benevolent Society, which has been actively recruiting homosexual couples as foster carers of children for the last three years...;
  • Equally concerning is the acceptance, reported in The Australian, by a Perth Catholic school, Mercedes College, of "Confucius Classroom" funding from the Chinese Government Asian language and literacy courses.  What's next, catholic schools accepting funding from the Saudis to teach Arabic and Islamic culture in the interests of promoting better understanding of them too?!  The program was, apparently, rejected by the State system over there because of concerns, inter alia, about political interference and soft-soaping of Chinese internal policies.  One might have expected Catholics to have a few concerns over similar issues, such as the horrific one-child policy;
  • ***For those interested in the funding of our acatholic schools, the debate on how much loot they are managing to extract from the government rageth.  The ABC media blog has the details. 
Oz bishop's Christmas messages (Well it is still Christmastime in the EF calendar!)

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