Wednesday, 11 January 2012

News briefs for Jan 11

Source: AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito
Feasts: Commemoration of St Hyginus (c136-c142), Pope and Martyr (EF)

World news
  • The Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious has finished, handing in its final report;
  • The SMH highlights the Pope's comments to diplomats on Monday reiterating the importance of the family and opposing same sex marriage (as a commenter has noted, taking a typically pro-homosexualist slant on the story);
  • A Christian convert originally from Iran is missing in Victoria and feared kidnapped by Islamic militants in response to her efforts in converting other Muslims;
  • The Canberra Times reported yesterday that 200 schools plan to dump school chaplains in favour of hiring secular welfare workers following changes to the Federal Government program.  The program, introduced by the previous Liberal Government, has long been controversial, and dominated by evangelicals.
The ugly Australian.  When those who should know better....
  • Federal Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro continues to be under fire for saying migrants should be taught to use deodorant and how to queue (!) to help them integrate.**For a nice response on what migrants really need to know, read The Punch's take on the issue;
  • A worker for immigration detention services provider SERCO has been suspended after posting facebook comments saying Muslim children in detention didn't deserve Christmas presents, and were being taught by their parents that wife beating was acceptable.

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DrGuinness said...

In the SMH article to which you linked:

Alex Greenwich, from Australian Marriage Equality, said: "The Pope's comments are not reflective of the entire Christian or Catholic community, many of whom support marriage equality based on their Christian values of love, family and fairness."

Well, that settles it. Since Alex Greenwich has said that Catholics don't have to listen to the Pope, I guess we don't have to any more!