Monday, 9 January 2012

Diocesan reviews: comments and contributions

I'd like to thank those who have commented on the diocesan reviews I've posted so far, there are some thought provoking issues raised.

Thought provoking comments

I was particularly glad to hear of some good priests who have held the line in some of the most troubled dioceses.

And the accounts of those doing there best to survive the virtual schism that has been Brisbane are also compelling, if not exactly happy reading in the main!

But I'd also like to highlight some of the practical issues being raised, such as the imbalance between the nominal number of Catholics and the physical availability (not to mention convenience of time) of confession.  The comment was made in relation to Canberra-Goulburn, but I suspect it applies in most places across Australia...

Do keep those comments coming.

Send in your contributions!

I'm slowly doing the research and putting together the remainder of the profiles (Perth will be up shortly), but please do send me any information or issues that you think should be highlighted in relation to your own diocese or community (you can email it to me offline or put it in a comment on a  post).

I'd be particularly interested in:
  • information about the size, growth or other good activities of Latin Mass communities around the country (some have good websites which I'm well aware of, but there may be some smaller ones that I've missed or aren't online);
  • advice on 'reform of the reform' parishes, bi-ritual parishes, or other initiatives by good priests;
  • comments on the state of the liturgy of your dioceses, whether at the cathedral or elsewhere; and
  • any other major issues you think  need to be addressed in relation to your diocese.

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