Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The case for Holy Communion on the Tongue only

There is a story today that Frs Wise and Speekman from Sale (see my earlier post on their valiant efforts to bring orthodoxy and orthopraxis to the diocese) have started an online petition to restrict communion to on the tongue only.

They've started a blog in support of their campaign, and it already contains lots of interesting material.

Here is the rationale for their efforts:

"During the course of our parish ministry we have become increasingly uneasy with the practice of Communion on the hand. We have come to the conclusion that what started out as a seemingly good idea has actually been found to encourage a certain carelessness, and not only among the laity.

It has also been our experience that because of the inherently 'routine' action of placing something in someone's hand this carelessness is, in fact, very 'catechesis resistant'.

It is our hope that this blog will stimulate discussion and awareness of what many in the Church see as a problem needing urgent reform...."

So do go sign the petition, and take a look at the blog.


A Canberra Observer said...

Oh, and hasn't it got the brethren riled up over at CathNews ...

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Signed.

-Martin Snigg

Oliver said...

Its a good intention, but doesn't actually mean anything. Even if they collected 10,000 signatures that is nothing in an online world of millions of Catholics. More meaningful would be a poll asking the question how communion should be received (given the options available) - that way, some useful results could be obtained from all camps.

However, my main criticism to this petition is it reduces this question to one of argumentum ad numeram i.e. weight of numbers. The truth here in my mind has little do with that, and more to do with correct theology - which is independent of any polls/petitions of the lay faithful.

If the Blog is really just to stimulate discussion on this matter, then that's fine, but lets not pretend as a "petition" it carries any weight.

R J said...

Thanks for notifying me about this. I've just signed.

Mike said...

I've signed!

Stella Orientis said...

Oliver, I heartily disagree. The petition does not in any way attempt to sway the will of the Holy Father by saying "look, we have x signatures, therefore our demands must be right!"

Rather, it strikes me as simply a continuation of the lay role in the Church using contemporary means. By signing this petition, you and many (chuckle) others clearly indicate to your priests, bishops and the Holy Father that you believe in the defence of the Most Blessed Sacrament against any risk of profanation (and we have all witnessed it), to the point that should they choose to rescind the novel folly of "communion in the hand" we will get behind them.

If nothing more, this is a show of moral support to the Holy Father and all others in the hierarchy that there are thousands among the laity who will defend them against the inevitable screeches of the ignorant and deluded.