Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holy Father, please terminate the mandate of Bishop Manning immediately...**

This morning the story was a classic example of the homosexual lobby push - an outraged series of articles because a child being raised by a lesbian couple was (rightly) denied a place in a Catholic school in Broken Hill on the basis that their lifestyle was incompatible with the faith.

It started as the story of a heroic parish priest and school principal resisting pressure and asserting that Catholic schools are about teaching catholicism, not condoning sin.

**And now it's looking like a staged stunt by the homosexualist lobby to expose the contradictions in the official positions taken by some of our bishops...

Bishop Manning orders the child to be accepted!

This afternoon the story has become yet another example of the capitulation of our bishops to the secularist, homosexualist lobby, with Apostolic Administrator Bishop Kevin Manning of Wilcannia-Forbes ordering the school to accept the child!

Bishop Manning's argument, apparently, is that the parents choices are not the child's fault. 


But parents are the first educators of their children, and they are already telling their child something contrary to the faith.

And thus the 'parents' presence collecting the child and at school events will be a bad example and source of continuing scandal to other families. 

It puts the school in the invidious position of potentially teaching the child to disapprove of its guardians, and leading to pressure for certain teachings not to be taught, or worse.


And the reasons why the bishop should not have intervened here are made crystal clear in the Sydney Morning Herald's article on the subject:

"The school's decision was met with outrage on the airwaves, while NSW Greens MP John Kaye labelled the move "offensive".

"Any school that receives public funding should not be allowed to refuse the enrolment of a child on the basis of their parents' sexuality," Mr Kaye said."

Enrolment guidelines?

Bishop Manning is apparently proposing to take the issue of an enrolments policy to the bishops conference.

Hopefully the issue will be clarified in line with Church teaching well before that.

**Update: Lesbians refuse the offered place...

And now the news that the lesbian couple concerned have turned down the place at the school the bishop demanded be offered. 

That is a sensible decision - but it is pretty hard to understand why they sought to send the child there in the first place.

So was it all just a stunt designed to expose the contradictions in the official positions being taken by a number of our bishops?


A Canberra Observer said...

Just unbelievable.

I knew he was a Labor sympathiser but this is ridiculous.

PM said...

Though they don't know it, the greatest favour the Kayes of the world could do us would be to shut down this sham of a system. It is an engine for the destruction of faith which would have made Stalin and Mao drool with envy.

Maureen said...

It would have been hard for the child in the end; my mother was Jewish, father Catholic - I had a horrible school life at a Sacred Heart convent, because the nuns seemed to take pleasure in telling me that my mother would not go to Heaven!
As a child, the conflict between home and school was the cause of great misery.

John Fisher said...

Bishop Manning was a failure as a bishop in Parramatta and now his lack of intellectual rigor surfaces yet again. He looks at our Faith as if it is a recipe book or catechism half of which he has forgotten. It is just theory with no inpact or minimal at best. He vacilates and as with most of our bishops is capricious. If you want to see his belief look at the ugly cathedral he built like a cancerous basket ball court on the side of a gothic building. Please stay retired Kevin!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's clear we need to bring back the ancient anti-sodomy laws, with the justly severe punishment that implies.

+ Wolsey

Anonymous said...
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Sharon said...

Bishop Manning was a failure as a bishop in Parramatta...

Perhaps he was only a failure to those who are Faithful orthodox Catholics. The ones who nominated him and the one who submitted his name to the Pope obviously had different criteria as to what constitutes a bishop in the Catholic Church than orthodox Catholics.