Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A bishop-elect for Armidale!

Source: The Border Mail
Another new bishop appointment is out (I've set this to come up as the embargo is lifted), namely a new bishop for Armidale, Fr Fr Michael Kennedy of Wagga Wagga.

I've heard good things about Fr Kennedy, so congratulations to him, and let's hope this is the start of a good run!

Fr Kennedy was National Chairman of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (that's the good guys), and is aged only 43. 

He was ordained for the Diocese of Wagga in 1999 and is currently the Vicar Forane (Dean) of the Murrumbidgee Deanery.  He is also currently the Parish Priest of Leeton in New South Wales. 

Fr Kennedy started his priestly formation at Vianney College in Wagga Wagga and spent five years in Rome at Propaganda Fide, obtaining a Licentiate in Sacred Theology.  Prior to that he was a teacher at Xavier High School in Albury.

In addition to working as a Parish Priest in the Diocese, he has worked as a lecturer at (the excellent) Vianney College, teaching moral theology, Mariology and Church History.  He has also been Rector of St Francis’ Residential College at Charles Sturt University.

The official press release quotes him  as expressing both surprise and joy when receiving the appointment and hopes that he will be a true shepherd to the people of Armidale.

“I am both honoured and humbled to have been chosen to be a successor of the Apostles as the bishop of Armidale. It is my hope to be a true shepherd and teacher for the people of Armidale so that, together, we may grow in faith and build up the Body of Christ. I begin by asking the faithful of the Armidale Diocese to pray for me, and by assuring them of my heartfelt prayers for them”, said Fr. Michael.

Please keep the bishop-elect in your prayers.


Russell said...

A good man for a good diocese. The real test will come when we see who they appoint for bad dioceses such as Toowoomba and Brisbane. Then we will know how serious the Holy See really is and whether they have the guts to send their good appointments over the border.

Schütz said...


Victoria said...

It makes sense for this quite young orthodox bishop to cut his teeth in an orthodox diocese; time enough to move him on to the hard stuff when he has some maturity and experience under his belt. Toowoomba and Brisbane call for experienced street fighters; do we have any?

Tito Edwards said...

Sounds great!

Only one question I have, and it surely is an inconsequential one at that (I hope), but where is his collar?

Kate said...

Agreed Victoria.

Bishop Jarrett is of course the most obvious success story in making headway in turning around an awful diocese, and he is already the Apostolic Administrator. The problem is his age I guess - not everyone can go on until 85 and beyond!

What about the assorted Auxiliaries around the place?

Kate said...

Indeed Tito!

Actually the media release did come with a piccie of him in a collar, but it was of such poor quality that I hunted around to find a better one, and this was what I came across.

Think Australian summers with temps in the 40s (celsius)!

Phillip said...

I think auxiliary Bishop Porteous would be ideal for either Brisbane or Toowoomba. Would you agree Kate?

John Mac said...

In reply to Victoria, who asks if we have any "experienced street fighter" for the hard dioceses, then there's a Melbourne priest, Fr Paul Stuart, who we're hoping will get the nod sometime soon, and God help the modernists if he does.

Anonymous said...

Hope someone will pass along advice similar to this

Advice for New Bishops

Martin Snigg

Anonymous said...

In terms of experienced street fighters I would recommend Julian porteous or peter Elliot both aux bishops at the moment and strong advocates of a gospel without gloss.


J M said...

May be it would be a good idea to get a Bishop Elect for Wilcannia-Forbes from the neighbouring diocese of Wagga Wagga also.