Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Woman dies after Melbourne abortion clinic visit...

One of the claims of supporters of abortion is that it is all about protecting the health of women.

Dangers to women of abortion

Shame about all that evidence of the adverse adverse physiological and psychological effects of abortion, constantly suppressed as best possible.

And then there is the problem of the abortionists themselves.

It seems almost inevitable that breaching the 'first do no harm' principle either takes a certain kind of person, or if they weren't already there, warps them.  Regularly carrying out deliberate murders after all...

Consider the latest news about the Croydon Abortion Clinic.

That's the one remember, where anaesthetist James Peters, who allegedly potentially infected 160 women with hepatitis C, worked.

The one whose owner, Dr Mark Schulberg, has previously been found guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to gain legal consent to perform a late-term abortion on an intellectually disabled woman, has been found guilty of over-prescribing painkillers, and left a 40 year old woman fighting for her life earlier this year after he performed a late term abortion on her

Another death

The latest is that a woman died on December 14 following an abortion there.

The death of the woman will of course, get a certain amount of publicity.  We, as Christians, need to help people see also the thousands of other lives snuffed out there, and see them as equally valuable.

This clinic needs to be closed.

And Victoria's dreadful abortion laws repealed.

The Christmas message: welcome children into this world so that they might help transform it for the better!

In this Christmas season, let's thank God again for the woman who said yes to having a child and thus brought our saviour into the world.

Let's pray for more women to emulate her choice to say yes to life.

And pray for all the children who will never be, and for our society, bereft of the talents and difference they might have made to us all as co-creators with Christ in their own small or large way.


A Canberra Observer said...

Terra, a note for your consideration - you can publish this or not - it might simply add heat to the fire over at CathNews ?

not without interest. But meanwhile over at CathNews there is a debate which seems to me to tend to justify abortion in the case of protection of the mother:

Kate said...

Ah ues, David Timbs strikes again. I really don't know why he posts at Cath News, he'd be much happier over at acatholica...

Martin said...

These clinics provide a service that is 100% within the law. Women have the choice and it is to them specifically that you need to address your concerns about abortion. Prohibition strategies are a thing of the past.

Kate said...

Really Martin?

So you think medical professionals should not be held accountable for what they do?

The irony of this clinic is that if were for the purpose of anything but abortion it would surely have been closed down long ago given the serious offenses, proved and alleged of those running it.

Similarly, your claim that 'prohibition' is a thing of the past is nonsense - Australia still has laws prohibiting all sorts of things.

Nor is the case that this is all down to the women - who are often pressured by fathers who don't want to be up for child support and many other factors, including the medical profession's promotion of the idea that one can have the 'pefect child' and should dispose of any that don't look like coming up to the mark health-wise.

A law that allows abortion of any kind, but particularly these late term abortions, is evil and needs to be overthrown.

Anonymous said...

Re Martin's comment. In other times there've been other groups of humans with little protection by law. Should the following have been acceptable?

"These markets provide a service that is 100% within the law. Slave owners have the choice and it is to them specifically that you need to address your concerns about slavery. Prohibition strategies are a thing of the past."

Dianne N.

Martin said...

A child unwelcome and unwanted, a child that endangers the life of its mother, a child to be born with too great a risk is no ideal. Doctors serving to the best of their abilities are necessary for when the circumstances are inconceivable (sic).

Kate said...

Yet thousands of Australians are so desperate for a child that they pay vast sums to adopt from overseas, or for IVF treatment. Why not put the child up for adoption rather than murder it?

And how can one choose between two lives?

But to go back to the earlier story, doctors are presumably not wanted who kill the mothers by infecting them with Hep C or botched operations...

Martin said...

Kate, yes to go back to the earlier story, doctors like all citizens should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The evidence so far is circumstantial; do you think you will see the media say something if Dr Schulberg is not found guilty at the end of the day? No, they pander to a readership bred on sensationalism and are not really interested in the facts.