Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And now for some good news!

I'm hoping for a little run of good news stories to balance out my recent run of whinges (late owls might want to check back tonight for one of particular interest around 10pm tonight!).

And just to get started here are a few items to warm us all up:
  • three men are being ordained as priests for Lismore tomorrow night - the first triple ordination in that diocese since 1967!  Do keep them in your prayers;
  • over a hundred women have registered so far for (free) retreat next Monday in Sydney given by the Sisters of Life;
  • there is a new edition of the excellent Monastic Diurnal, a Latin-English book of the day hours of the traditional Benedictine Office according to the 1962 rubrics, out from Farnborough Abbey (and the introduction to it even includes a nice plug for my Saints Will Arise blog - now if only the guys from blogger can fix the bug that is preventing it updating on other blogrolls!);
  • after more two and half years of attempting to force out Calvary (Catholic) Hospital in Canberra, the ACT Government has finally signed a deal for continued acute care there.

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Samuel said...

Kate, thanks so much for this good news. I really needed to read this. What with the floods at the beginning of 2011, the Bishop Morris saga that has been going on for months, and now the pro-homosexual dictatorship in parliament taking shape and ready to pounce in 2012. What did we do to deserve all this?