Thursday, 1 December 2011

And for a truly, astonishingly appalling state of the Church piece...

Please, dear readers, steel yourselves!

Then go and read the latest rant by Fr Eric Hogdens over at the ABC Religion site.

It is all about how the Church today is divided between the evil hierarchy and humble 'rank and file' liberal catholics. 

Yes well, a bit of quick stomping by the hierarchy might well be in order in this particular case!

But please, do leave a comment over there and say exactly what you think of it....


A Canberra Observer said...

yes, an absolute shocker.

Googling, I found commetnary of his, and on him in 'The Swag'.

Truly one can empathise with the faithful attached to the SSPX - arrogant revolutionaries like Fr hodgens continue in good standing while those who want to think with the Church as she has always thought are treated as the worst of the worst.

And these nutjobs continue to shelter under the roof of the Catholic clergy sheltered workshop.

Victoria said...

Who is Hodgens' bishop and what is he doing to stop this man scandalising the little ones?

GOR said...

”Eric Hodgens is a Catholic priest with 37 years parish experience…”

As we used to say in the business world when a new hire touted his ‘years of experience’: “Was it 37 years of experience, or one year’s experience repeated 37 times?” The implication being that performance and/or knowledge didn’t live up to the touted years of experience.

Another indicative expression used back then was: “He knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”.

In this case I fear Father doesn’t even know the price.

Unfortunately, he is not alone among clergy of a certain stripe.