Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A secularist lament for all the "missing babies"!

The Sydney Morning Herald today has a headline lamenting "1500 missing babies" who might have been born but for... 

Has the newspaper suddenly discovered the cause of so many babies slaughtered even before they are born through abortion?

 Well no.

Actually the complaint is about cuts to the Government funding of IVF (a Labor Government initiative we can actually all applaud, no matter what the ostensible reasons for it!), which actually mean that the would-be parents have to pay for additional treatments themselves.  Turns out when they do have to pay, they mostly don't.

Of course, if the newspaper had focused on the babies missing due to abortion, the number, would, one suspects, be a lot higher than 1500!

What a sick society we live in, that one the one hand we allow untold numbers of unborn children to be murdered, while on the other selfish individuals demand public funding for a lottery with a 20% chance of a live birth and results in the death of so many embryos in the process. 

So how about we adopt a more logical approach, and cancel all funding for IVF, and redirect it to supporting pregnant women who do not wish to bring up their child themselves, and are prepared to have their child adopted out?  That way we could reduce the huge waiting list of people wanting to adopt...

Don't expect this to happen under a future Abbott Government though, our leading "catholic" politician has once again committed himself to business as usual as usual when it comes to abortion.


Anonymous said...

'untold numbers aborted'...'more than 1500'. Try Fr Kevin McGovern's number in an article at Quadrant Online:

Of the order of
***80 thousand*** abortions in 2009-`10, against

***61*** local adoptions!
Father forgive them they know not what they do!

Bruce said...

But Tony Abbott does know what he does and the gravity of what this means for him and his soul! No excuses for him, Joe Hockey and numerous other so called catholic politicians.

Kate said...

That is a great article, thank you for the link. His conclusions about encouraging adoption rather than single motherhood are a must read for everyone in the pro-life movement in particular.

Kate said...

In fairness, Tony Abbott did do some positive things, albeit very much at the margin, when he was Health Minister. Catholic politicians do face a difficult challenge in judging what is doable in the current climate.

Still, one would like to see at least some courage and commitment to truth and life. Surely there are ways of responding to questioning of this kind tht are both prudent and do not utterly betray one's faith...

PM said...

Am I alone in sensing that Tony Abbot is getting off much more lightly from certain quarters than an ALP politician would with similar views - or even an ALP poltician who (like Michael Maher) is impeccable in his adherence to Catholic principle and still had Margaret Tighe using the resources of the Right to Life Association to try to force him out of parliament? More Right than life?

Fr Pavone in the US is not above reproach on that score, by the way. His mental gymanstics to prove that a Republican who supported legalised abortion was really pro-life (presumably because he was, well, a Republican) would be hilarious if they weren't so sad. The right to life obviously doen't apply to people who can't afford private health care or to Iraqis.

I'm not anti-American, but there are times when I'm glad I'm not one of them. As Alasdair Macintyre (a candidate for greatest living philospoher) has pointed out, strict adherence to Catholic principle in recent US presidential elections would require abstention from voting.