Friday, 10 June 2011

Liberals in a lather over altar girls!

OK so I wasn't going to bother to comment on this despite being promoted by a reader to do so, but having just read the hysteria on the subject over at acatholica, here goes.

Whatever happened to the idea of tolerance of diversity?!

For the last few weeks liberals have been upset over catholics insisting on their rights to a liturgical abuse free mass.  They consistently argue that conservatives should find a church they are happy with and let others get on with what they are happy with.

But now they are screaming long and loudly over a clarification that says that women can't be altar servers at Traditional Latin Masses (Extraordinary Form)!  Talk about hypocrisy.

Cath News: egging people on

Now I understand that liberals in Australia at the moment are in a world of pain, which is why I've refrained from saying much about the stream of venom and blatant dissent that have graced Cath Blog and Cath News' pages over the last few weeks.

Quite the most unintentionally funniest to my mind at least, was Mr Mullins' desperate attempt to find some defenders of the Jesuits (yep, an obscure liberal blog from Bangkok is just what I expect to find highlighted in a blogwatch column!).

But there have been a stream of others - advocacy of women deacons, yet another rant from Fr Arbuckle on the evils of what he sees as 'restorationism', the suggestion that charities can be 'too catholic' in carrying out their mission (!), pride of place to every liberal article going that criticises the Toowoomba dismissal (with little or no corresponding coverage of those supporting it), and it goes on.

Really, Cath News, get a grip.  This has got to stop.  It helps no one.

And really, as a reader suggested to me, the altar girls story just takes the biscuit.

EF Mass practices

It is not often (if ever) that Cath News publishes a story about a 'dubium' of any kind , a question to clarify a rather minor point  of practice.

Let alone a minor point of practice relating to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Because really, why should the vast majority of Catholics care about whether or not females can be altar servers at an Extraordinary Form Mass - it is not like they are ever going to get a chance to go to one!

And really, would you ever actually expect to see female servers if you did go to a Traditional Mass?  Of course not.  As far as I can gather, it has been tried on a couple of times, but happened really only at exactly one place, in the UK.

Anyway, it is not like female servers are compulsory or even necessarily ubiquitous at Ordinary Form masses.  There is no 'right' to be a server for anyone, whether male or female, the question in relation to any particular individual , and the question of whether female servers are permitted in general at an OF entirely in the hands of the priest.

So why include the story at all?

And why did 44 people feel the need to express their outrage over a restatement of the obvious! 

Well, unless they were really trying to express their outrage at the Church's inability to ordain women as priests...

Revival religious life

By contrast, a blog post by Beth Doherty which points out the obvious contrast between religious orders who are faithful to their original charism, and witness to their vocation by wearing a habit, and those orders that are dying out, has so far received a whole eight comments (including one weirdo one from a Josephite that explains exactly why they are dying out).

For some strange reason, mainstream catholics have, in the main, given up trying to comment over at Cath News. 

Well done Ms Hogan and all of the Cath News team!

Just remind me why our bishops are allowing this operation to continue?

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